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Best Whatsapp Messages For WhatsApp | Facebook

Best Whatsapp Messages For WhatsApp | Facebook – Best Whatsapp Messages

It is very common to send the message through any social networking sites to send and receive messages. Normal messages are common and will not be much interesting which will be bored of chatting. So sometimes if you send some interesting and different messages to friends and family they feel quite happy.These new and interesting messages will find a way to start the best conversation with anyone. That may even end up with a good relation. So these messages will act as a start up conversational messages. They are a huge collection of very different messages are available which may be funny, sad, romantic, friendly, emotional and all categories of the collection will be found.

Best Whatsapp Messages For WhatsApp | Facebook

Whatsapp Messages

Colgate se daant saaf karne ka,

Pepsodent se majboot karne ka,

Babul se fresh karne ka..

Aagr fir bhi safed nhi huye toh..

Bindaas HARPIC use karne ka….

Rocking PJ..









Khud Ko Pehchan

Ne K Liye

Kripya 3 Aur 6 Firse DohrAYe……



.मैडम: “बच्चों, बताओपार्लेजीकेपेकटपे


डोटबनाहैउसकामतलबक्याहै ?”

.पप्पू : “मेम, इसकामतलबपार्लेजीऑनलाइन

बैठे हैं

The messages can be sent through Whatsapp, Facebook or any social networking sites. In any language like Hindi, English, etc., you can send the messages to all your friends and family members. Send your near and dear ones the funny , motivational and cute messages.

Seeing your messages your friend will feel happy and they will also forward your message to their friends and share the joy with others. So why wasting your time start making the best collection of the messages that you like and send them to your friends every day.

Girlfriend And Boyfriend Doing Love Chat In Park.

Girlfriend: – How Much Do You Love Me?

Boyfriend: – I’d Take Bullet For You.

Girlfriend: – Awwwww! Seriously..???

Boyfriend: – Yeah, Enfield Bullet In Dowry.

TEACHER: PAPPU, go to the map and find North America.

PAPPU: Here it is!

TEACHER: Correct. Now, class, who discovered America?


Aaj Subha Maine Newspaper Mein

Padha Ki: ‘Doston Ke Saath WhatsApp
Karne Se Sabse zyada Time Waste Hota
To Aaj Se…..
Newspaper Band.
Sala Doston Pe Ungli Uthata Hai…..

Everyone is busy in this fast forwarded life. In this life, just a simple message in social networking sites to your friends will make them feel refreshed from their daily busy life. And spend some time having a good conservation with you.

The messages can be available in your own language like Hindi, English, Punjabi or Marathi of your own wish. But here we provide messages of all the different languages. Collect all the best Whatsapp messages and send them to your friends and family members and see how they respond to your message.

BF text to his GF on watsApp…..

BF: – Hi

GF: – Hello

BF: – Kahan pr ho???

GF – Main apne papa ki BMW me club ja rhi hu,

abhi driver mujhe club chor dega,

uske baad mall mey shopping k liye jaungi,

tab tumhe call krti hu,

Tum kahan par ho????

BF: – 401 no ki bus me,


Bahu: Babuji, I am going to Supermarket

Alok nath: Bahu, Take my Sanskaar….

Bahu: Ab bas bhi karo…

Alok Nath: Arrey, I mean my Son’s Car…

Grades according to Asian parents:

A : average

B : below average

C: can’t have dinner

D : don’t talk to me ever again

F: find a new family.

She:my stomach is getting bigger,i think i am pregnant

He:Yeah,and I know who are the daddies


He:McDonald’s , Dominos, SubWay, KFC !

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