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Happy Easter Status For WhatsApp | Facebook

Best Easter Status For WhatsApp | Facebook – Happy Easter Messages

Happy Easter Day guys 2017!! Easter is one of the most important and crucial days for the entire Christian community. On this day, usually, all the Christians celebrate it as a Resurrection Day which means that the Jesus Christ comes back to life on the 3rd day after his death and burial. The harsh and heartless Romans crucified the Jesus Christ in a violent way on the cross and after burying him on that day, the Christ comes back to life on the third day. That day is called as Resurrection Day and most of the Christians believe that it is a sacred day for them.

Easter will be celebrated by people across the world probably in the month of April every year. On that day, all the people offer their prayers to the Lord Jesus by visiting the Christian churches and spending the whole day and night in the church across the world. Easter doesn’t actually fall on a particular date every year. It is usually celebrated by all the Christians on the 1st Sunday after the full moon that appears subsequent to the vernal equinox on March 21.

In order to celebrate this Easter occasion with much happiness and enjoyment, people send their best Happy Easter Wishes, greetings, quotes, messages, SMS, images, videos, HD pictures across their friends, beloved ones, family members, relatives and many more via various instant messaging application platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, Line, Viber, WeChat and many more apps. Here is the massive collection of the best Easter Status for WhatsApp 2017 that can be sent to your friends and relatives.

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Best Easter Status for WhatsApp

Easter Day is approaching very soon this weekend and it will be mostly celebrated in the month of March across the world i.e., 2 days after the occasion of Good Friday. It is the day which is celebrated upon the arrival or return of Jesus Christ from death. Usually, Easter is celebrated across the world by all the Catholic nations and Christian communities across different western countries, some other states of the US and much more.

These days, the people who took sacred baptism from the Churches have been participating in the celebrations of Easter every year. On this very special day, people usually visit the Church and take blessings from the Lord Jesus and the Father of the Church. On this day, Jesus Christ showers his best blessings across all the people all over the universe. WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-messaging platforms that help the users send their best Easter messages to their friends and beloved ones by sending wishes, greetings, quotes, messages, SMS, images, HD pictures, videos and much more.

Easter Status for WhatsApp for All Christians 2017

People across different parts of the world celebrate this Happy Easter Day in different ways with various traditions and customs. Among various traditions and cultures, Easter Eggs is one of the highlights of this event wherein the children will be given lots of chocolates and goodies that are present in baskets. All the Christians across the world celebrate Easter with much enthusiasm and fervor by wishing each and every well-wisher and friends with the best Happy Easter wishes.

People also exchange their greetings with their near and dear ones along with various family members and Christian communities. In order to make this year Easter 2017 as a memorable day, you can send your best wishes and greetings to all your friends across WhatsApp by setting up the status. Here is an exclusive collection of the best Happy Easter Status for WhatsApp. Check it out!

Easter Status & Messages 

  • If Jesus Christ is not died 4 us, our faith is vanity, we appreciate him 4 givens we live. Happy easter
  • May His resurrection gives ur power to over ur enemies, happy Easter.
  • The lord came to the earth with a life to give, so that each one of us may continue to live.
  • Passover is just like Easter but without the Bunny, Bonnets, Colored eggs Or New Testament
  • Happy Easter from one lapsed Catholic to another.
  • Easter may be the wrong time to tell my parents you’re a Jew.
  • They have Easter egg hunts in Philadelphia, and if the kids don’t find the eggs, they get booed.
  • A happy person is someone who has found God. I wish you’ll see Him too.
  • Talk to Him, he will listen. Happy Easter!
  • He died… He lived… He rose… He will be back… Let’s rejoice and be glad. Happy Easter!
  • Have a blessed and meaningful Easter!
  • Sending my warmest Easter greetings to you and to your family.
  • Happy Easter! Celebrate with so much happiness and thanksgiving!
  • Smile and celebrate this day! Jesus Christ conquered death and will be with us forever!
  • Hop for joy because Jesus is with us again! Happy Easter!
  • The Lord came to earth..with a life to give, each one of us may continue to live….Happy Easter
  • Is it wrong to put leftover Halloween candy in their Easter baskets?
  • Damn, my traditional Easter rabbit stew is now cold because my neighbor was at the door with some whiny story about his kid’s missing pet.
  • Those who shimmy onto the LIKE button will get more chocolate from the Easter bunny this year, just saying…
  • How many days prior to Easter is the correct time to post a silly status about the Easter Bunny coming???
  • You know you are getting older when you get a copy of Quicken in your Easter basket.
  • The loveliest day comes when you wake up one morning
  • And discover the truth that love colors our world.
  • How lovely to be loved by Jesus. Happy Easter!
  • Easter this Sunday….The one day where I can say “I am putting all my EGGS in one basket!
  • Easter holiday hasn’t even ended yet and I’m already looking forward to summer.
  • Wishing all a Happy Easter, and hoping the Easter Bunny craps out a huge chocolate filled egg for you!-)
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