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Romantic Love status and romantic kissing gif image picture 

Love is gift of  life 
Kiss is gift of love. 

Romantic scene between two person start from the love of soul. 

Your Romance don't based on your partner face it's based on the how many love in your heart for the partner. 

Love emanates from the heart of man, but love can increase romance only.

Your love depends on your heart how much Respect, Believe, trust you have for yourself.

If you see someone in your dreams and you think about it every second, then you love him very much.

Love binds hearts, romance binds to humans.

Romance are don't necessary in every relationship but love are necessary in every relationship.

Funny romantic Love kissing gif images picture. 

Fun are the most important thing in any relationship. 

Strong relationship makes between two funny guys.

Funny couple are world's cutest couple ever. 

Fun are necessary in the life if your partner are funny guy then you are lucky because funny guys don't leave you alone ever. 

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A boy suddenly became a shayar after seeing a girl:
"Laughs you, my song,
Do you want to hear Gazal? "
Girl quote:
"My hands, your cheeks,
What to put in the bottom of the ear?

Romantic scene between couples are don't on the bed everytime.  Sometimes Romance between two guys completed in the each other eyes.  This Romance is true romance it's don't forget forever. 

Love is feeling of heart for the someone special. This love is don't based on Romance it's true love and it comes from the heart for the soul of partner. 

Love life is the best life in the world because this time you don't live on the earth you live in the someone heart. 

Love are don't between boy and girl love are done between two beautiful hearts. 

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