Coonoor chopper accident: Who were aboard the helicopter, more information about helicopter.

Coonoor chopper accident: Who were aboard the helicopter, more information about helicopter.

Coonoor helicopter crash

General Bipin Rawat, the country's first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) and former Chief of the three wings of the Indian Army, aboard the Mi-17V5 of the Air Force, which crashed in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, has been adept at fighting in high altitudes or mountains.  Seeing his ability, the government made him the head of the three wings of the army.  After retiring on 30 December 2019, the Central Government made him the country's first Chief of Defense Staff.  Let us tell you that General Bipin Rawat miraculously survived a helicopter crash when he was the Commander of Corps 3, Army Headquarters at Dimapur.

 General Bipin Rawat joined the army in 1978

 Originally born in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, General Bipin Rawat joined the 5th Battalion of the Army 11th Gorkha Rifles in the year 1978.  After this he was appointed for the first time in Mizoram in the year 1979.  The biggest thing is that General Bipin Rawat has been an expert in fighting war at high altitude.  Along with this, he was also an expert in counter insurgency operations.  Apart from this, he has also been known as the expert of Kashmir.

 Deployed on the borders of LoC and China for a long time

 Not only this, General Bipin Rawat also had a doctorate degree in Media Strategy.  In the year 2011, he was given a PhD from Chaudhary Charan Singh University.  During his 38 years of service, he has spent a long time in the LoC (Line of Control), the Chinese border and Northeast India.

 General Rawat's father Laxman Singh was also in the army, Lieutenant General

 Laxman Singh Rawat, father of General Rawat, born on March 16, 1958 in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, has also been in the army.  He retired with the rank of lieutenant general.  After schooling, Bipin Rawat took admission in Indian Military Academy, Dehradun and then Defense Staff College.  He was commissioned in the 5th Battalion of 11 Gorkha Rifles on 16 December 1978.  His father was also a part of this battalion.  His first posting was in Mizoram and he also led this battalion.  During this, his battalion was selected as the best battalion of the North East.

 Have played responsibilities in many important positions

 During his career, CDS General Bipin Rawat has been the head of the Multinational Brigade in the Democratic Republic of Congo along with the Line of Actual Control in the Eastern Sector, the Rashtriya Rifles Sector in the Infantry Division of the Kashmir Valley.  General Rawat has a long experience of working in disturbed areas.  He has closely watched the reorganization of the military force, terrorism in the western sector and the ongoing conflict in the Northeast.

 Why is it a risky job to operate a helicopter between the hill ranges of the Nilgiris?

 Talking about the range of Nilgiri mountains, it is situated at the junction of South Indian states namely Karnataka and Kerala.  It is a part of the Western Ghats.  This range of mountains is also known as 'Nilgiri Hills' or 'The Queen of Hills' or 'Blue Mountains'.  The Nilgiris are a range of mountains with many pointed peaks called peaks.  The hills or their respective peaks are known by different names.  Doddabetta is the highest peak of this range.

 Doddabetta Peak : Its height is about 2,637 meters (8,652 feet).

 Snowdon: The height of Snowdon is about 2,530 meters (8,301 feet).

 Devashola: To the south of the Doddabetta range is another peak of the Nilgiri mountain range called Devshola.  Its height is about 2,261 meters (7,418 ft).

 Kulakombai: Kulakombai is situated in the east of Devashola.  The height of this peak is about 1,707 meters (5,600 ft).

 Hulikal Fort : Hulikal Fort is located about 3 km southeast of Coonoor.  It is also known as Bakasura Parvat.  Its height is about 562 meters (1,844 ft).

 Coonoor Betta: The estimated height of Coonoor Betta is about 2,101 meters (6,893 ft).  It is also known by another name of Tenerife.

 Ralliya Hill: Ralliya Hill is almost equal to Udhagamandalam and Kotagiri.  Notably, it is located in the middle of a reserve forest and has an elevation of about 2,248 m (7,375 ft).

 Dimhatti Hill: Dimhatti Hill is situated above the Gajalahatti Pass.  The approximate height of the Dimahatti hill is 1,788 meters (5,866 ft).

 Avalanche Hill: Avalanche Hill is known for the two peaks of Kudikkadu and Kollaribeta.  The elevation of Kudikkadu is about 2,590 meters (8,497 ft), while that of Kollaribeta is about 2,630 meters (8,629 ft).

 Derbeta Hill: Derbeta Hill and Kolibetta (elevation: 2,494 m (8,182 ft)), south of the Austerony Valley, are a continuation of the Kundah Range.

 Mukurti Peak: The height of Mukurti Peak is about 2,554 meters (8,379 ft).

 Muttundu Betta : Muttundu Betta is situated at a distance of about 5 km to the north west of Udhagamandalam.  Its height is about 2,323 meters (7,621 ft).

 Tamrabeta: Tamrabeta is situated in the south-east of Udhagamandalam at a distance of about 8 km.  Its elevation is about 2,120 meters (6,955 ft).

 Vellangiri: The height of Vellangiri is about 2,120 meters (6,955 ft).  Another name for Vellangiri is Silver Hill.

 List of people on board the helicopter
 A total of 14 people were aboard the helicopter, including Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, his wife, defense assistants, security commandos and Air Force pilots, out of which the names of 9 people came to the fore-

 1. General Bipin Rawat
 2. Madhulika Rawat
 3. Brigadier LS Lidder
 4. Lt.  K. Harjinder Singh
 5. Nayak Gursewak Singh
 6. Hero.  Jitendra Kumar
 7. Lance Naik Vivek Kumar
 8. Lance Naik B.  Sai Teja
 9. Havildar Satpal

 can this be the reason

 At the same time, according to the information received so far, this accident has happened due to bad weather.  After the helicopter crash, local people reached the spot and started helping.  The area where the accident happened is very dense.  It is being told that CDS General Bipin Rawat and his wife were returning to Delhi after participating in a program.  Then the Mi17-V5 helicopter of the Air Force crashed in the forested area of   the Nilgiris.  It is being told that three people have been pulled out of the rubble.  There is a College of Armed Forces in Wellington.  Here CDS Rawat was to give a lecture, but this accident happened in a dense forest in Coonoor.  Rescue operation is going on.  There is no official statement on the matter yet.  In the video that has surfaced after the accident, the chauffeur is seen completely burnt.  In such a situation, this horrific accident also gives rise to all the apprehensions.

 Why is MI-17 called the world's most advanced helicopter, through which many VVIPs including PM Modi travel

 Why is the MI-17 helicopter special?
 The Mi-17 V5 is manufactured by the Russian company Kazan Helicopter.  It is a twin engine multipurpose helicopter and is an upgraded version of MI-8.  It is a medium lift helicopter.
 It can take 36 soldiers along with 3 crew.  More than 12 thousand MI-17 helicopters are present in about 60 countries of the world.  It has been designed to work in high altitude and hot weather.
 The Mi-17V-5 is counted among the most advanced transport helicopters in the world.  Therefore it is used in rescue mission, transportation, heavylift and VVIP movement.
 It can lift a weight of up to 36 thousand kg.  The Mi-17V-5, which is modified for VVI, can seat up to 20 people and has a specially designed toilet.

 When did the Mi-17V-5 arrive in India?

 The Defense Ministry signed a $1.3 billion deal with Russia for the order of 80 Mi-17V-5s.  Their delivery started from 2011.  Till 2013, 36 Mi series helicopters had been received.  India received the last consignment of Mi-17V-5 in July 2018.

 No information has been received so far about the black box in the plane that crashed on Wednesday.  Many important things related to the incident can come out from this box.

 What is Black Box?

 This box is an essential part of the plane.  Its job is to record the movements of the aircraft.  That's why it is also called flight data recorder.  This happens in the rear of the plane.  It records the sound of the engine, the sound of the emergency alarm, the sound of the cabin and the cockpit, to get an idea of   the atmosphere of the aircraft before the accident.

 Being made of titanium, the black box is considered very strong.  It was made strong so that even in the event of falling on the ground from a height or falling in sea water, it would have minimum damage.

 it works black box

 Its function is to record the direction, altitude, fuel level, speed and cabin temperature of the aircraft etc.  The special thing is that the black box can tolerate the temperature of 11000 ° C for an hour.  It works for 30 days without electricity.  After the accident, wherever it falls, it continues to emit sounds and waves for 30 consecutive days.  With its help it is discovered.

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