Krishna Janmashtami Worship and mahabhishek.

 How to do worship and mahabhishek of Lord Krishna on Janmashtami. 

Lord Krishna worship method

If Shri Krishna Janmashtami is on 30th August, then on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, 

how to do Mahabhishek of Lord Shri Krishna at home :-

1- Wrap Shri Krishna with a simple clean cloth. 
 2- Make a garland of makhana and raisins and wear it around the neck.
  3- Invite Shri Krishna in the bathing vessel (thali / parat), that is, make him sit. 
 4- Perform aarti with flowers and incense sticks. 
 5- Take off the garland.  
6- Massage Shri Krishna with fragrant oil. 
 7- Apply sandalwood, turmeric paste on Shri Krishna.  
8- Take a bath with Panchamrit.  Fill the conch shell with milk (cow's) and do Abhishek to Shri Krishna.  
Then, fill with curd and do the Abhishek of Shri Krishna.  • Then, fill the ghee and do the abhishek of Shri Krishna.  Then fill with honey and do Abhishek to Shri Krishna.  Then, fill the jaggery solution and do the abhishek to Shri Krishna. 

*After this, do Abhishek with plain water.  (If water of holy rivers like- Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada etc. is found, then do it also)
 * Anoint Shri Krishna by filling pomegranate juice in a conch.  Anoint Shri Krishna by filling the juice of seasonal in the conch.  Do Abhishek of Shri Krishna by filling orange juice in a conch.  (Abhishek with the juice of other fruits you can get) After that, after anointing with plain water, wipe it with a clean dry towel.  In another plate, make Shri Krishna sit. Then anoint with rose petals. Abhishek with marigold petals.  Do anointing with lotus petals.  (And if you can get flower petals, you can do it too)

9-- Dress them up.
 10-- Wear Upavit.
 11- Tilak 
12- Jewelery 
13- Flower garland 
14- Perfumes 
15- Offer fragrant flowers at both feet 
16- Offer Tulsi leaves at both feet
 17--  Sunshine 
19-- Request the enjoyment of the season's fruits, homemade sweets, puri, vegetables, kheer, halwa etc.  Some people also offer 56 bhog.  As you have faith, 
20 - do Maha Aarti.  
21- Distribute prasad.

Know how to worship Kanha on Janmashtami and what to keep in mind,

 1. Take a small diet on the day before the circle.  On the day of fast, wake up early in the morning and take a bath and meditate and take a vow to follow the rules of Lord Krishna's fast with restraint.  

2. Select the circle according to reverence, some people keep fast on this fast.  If for some reason it is not possible for you, then you can take fruits, milk etc. in the middle of the fast.  

3. Do Bhajan-Kirtan in the middle of the night, on the day of fasting and in the middle of the night, chant, meditate, bhajan-kirtan etc. till the birth of Lord Krishna.  Listen to the story of Lord Krishna.

  4. Make Kanha's makeup like this by laying a red cloth on the post and place Lord Krishna's cradle on it.  Decorate the child form of Lord Krishna with clothes, flowers, perfume, sandalwood etc. and place it on the cradle.  Along with Kanha's child form, his favorite flute and peacock flower must be kept. 

 5. Shout at the time of birth, declare the elephant horse palanquin, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki as soon as it is the time of Lord Krishna's birth.  Chant the name of God.  Also chant the name of mother Devaki and father Vasudev.
    6. Eat food only after taking prasad. Worship Lord Krishna with Panchopchar after birth.  Make up the Lord and do his aarti.  Offer them prasad and swing the swing engaged in the cradle.  Keep in mind that food should be taken only after accepting the Prasad of the birth anniversary of the Lord. 
 7. Happiness will be experienced in the hereafter. This holy festival associated with Lord Krishna is going to provide all kinds of happiness in the hereafter and in the hereafter.  In such a situation, this fast should be done with reverence and rules and restraint.  Don't get angry, criticize or lie on Janmashtami day. 
      8. Bhog Kanha by applying Makhan-Mishri, after Janmashtami, bathe Bal Gopal daily with Gangajal or pure water.  Offer flowers, fruits, flowers, sandalwood, incense etc. to him.  Offer them butter-mishri etc. in the prasad.

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