Miss universe 2021 : about, eligibility and selection process.

 Miss universe 2021:About, eligibility and selection process in details. 

Miss universe eligibility

About Miss Universe

 Miss Universe is the largest and second oldest international beauty pageant, started in June 1952 by the California company Pacific Mills.  The beauty pageant is administered by the Miss Universe organization and is currently owned by WME/IMG.  Miss Universe brings positive change in the world.

 Army Kuusela of Finland is the first Miss Universe while Sushmita Sen is the first Miss Universe of India.  Harnaaz Sandhu of India is the winner of Miss Universe 2021.

 Miss Universe: What is the eligibility criteria?

 To participate in the world's biggest beauty pageant, contestants have to meet the eligibility criteria given below:
 1- Miss Universe contestants must be between 18-27 years of age.

 2- The candidate should never be married, nor pregnant or the mother of any child.

 3- Candidates are judged in three stages- Evening Gown, Swimsuit and Personality Interview.

 4- To participate in the Miss Universe pageant, candidates have to apply through the National Director in their respective countries.

 5- The candidate should be the winner of the national competition.

 How to prepare yourself for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant?

 1- Be fit as Miss Universe contestants are rated on the basis of their physical appearance.
 2- Use skincare products like sunscreen, acne-fighting cleanser, moisturizer to make your skin glow.

 3- Remove unwanted hair from hands, legs etc. before the beauty pageant.

 4- Choose a pageant coach before participating in the Miss Universe pageant.  You can also enroll in modeling classes.

 5- Stay updated with the happenings around the world and form your opinion on them and avoid giving stereotypes.

 Why did Harnaaz Sandhu get the title of Miss Universe?

 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, who won the title of Miss Universe-2021, is not just a pretty face, she also has a daughter representing the country.  This achievement of a daughter full of energy and confidence is a matter of pride for every citizen of the country.  Whether it is a crown on the head after winning a competition related to the world of glamor or recognition in the world of technology and sports, every victory carries a message of understanding, cooperation and guidance received in the courtyard of one's country.  Harnaaz won the title, surpassing South Africa's Lalela Maswane and Paraguay's Nadia Ferreira after finishing in the best-of-three contestants from 79 countries.
 In the 70th Miss Universe pageant held in Elliot, Israel, India's Harnaaz has won the country's name.  His smiling face and easy-going personality have led our country to victory in this international competition after 21 years.  Before Harnaaz, two Indian women have won the Miss Universe crown.  Earlier, actress Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta had raised the honor of the country by wearing this crown.
 In the year 2000, Lara Dutta and in 1994 Sushmita Sen had crowned the country as Miss Universe.  It is worth considering that the faces who win such competitions are seen as a complete personality.  This is the reason that everything from the answers to the questions asked to him to his family background becomes a topic of discussion.  Especially the thinking of the youth is greatly influenced by the things related to their thoughts and personality.  There is also a lot of discussion about the answer to a question given by Harnaaz.
 In the last leg of the competition all the contestants were asked 'What advice would they give to young women who are facing pressure in today's time so that they can face it?' The answer to this question confirmed their victory.  Harnaaz confidently said that the biggest pressure facing the youth of today is to believe in themselves.  Knowing that you are different is what makes you beautiful.
 Stop comparing yourself to people.  Talk about the things that are happening in the world that are more important.  Speak up for yourself, because you are the leader of your life, you are your voice.  I believed in myself and am standing here today.  It is necessary for the youth to believe in themselves.  It would not be wrong to say that in today's era, this is the mantra to pursue your dreams and move forward on the path of progress.
   It is also being seen that women from all walks of life are now expressing their views out loud.  As a result, the achievements of the daughters of the country keep coming in front of us every day.  From opposing marriage at an early age to raising their voice to continue higher education and leaving home to vote, women are making their presence felt confidently on the front of economic self-reliance.
 Not only this, today's women are also aware of the changing circumstances, rights and duties of their environment.  It is good that after getting the crown, the reach of these thoughts of this daughter of India, which came in the discussion, will reach the women settled in every corner of the country.  Then there will also be a discussion between them about how to proceed with assertiveness and confidence.

 Today, India has the largest youth population in the world.  The words of Harnaaz, shining on the global stage by winning the international level competition, are inspiring for the youth.  Instead of comparing with others, his talk of raising his voice for himself is like a mantra for the betterment of the youth of the country.  It is a bitter truth that in today's era, the thinking of comparing internet media updates to the glitz of ordinary life has made youth a victim of stress and depression.
 The virtual confusion of being left behind surrounds them.  Not only this, in response to the question related to the lack of seriousness towards the concerns related to climate change, Harnaz considered the current situation to be less talk and more work and said that 'every one of our actions can either save nature or  can destroy.  Preventing and protecting is better than regretting and repairing.

 Miss Universe: How to choose the right outfit?

 If you want to attend the Miss Universe beauty event, start saving for dress, makeup, entry fees and travel expenses well in advance.

 Buy high quality makeup products only from department stores and specialty stores.

 2- Buy an evening gown that not only enhances your personality but also looks good on you.  Pair the evening gown with good footwear.  Avoid buying gowns online.

 3- Choose a solid color to wear in the swimsuit round and pair it with 4-inch heels.

 4- For the preliminary interview round, choose a skirt suit that adds to your aesthetic.

 Miss Universe: How to behave in a beauty pageant?

 1- Showcase your best behavior during the Miss Universe pageant.

 2- Avoid drugs or smoking.

 3- Do not bend while sitting and standing.

 4- Keep smiling all the time.

 5- Be calm and restrained and be polite to everyone in the program.

 Miss Universe: What is the selection process?

 1- The beauty pageant begins with a preliminary interview round.

 2- The contestants who win the preliminary round get a chance to participate in the semi-final round.

 3- During the semi-final round, the contestants walk in swimsuits and evening gowns.

 4- Based on the performance in the semi-final round, the top 6 contestants make their way to the finals.

 5- After this the contestants go to the finale where they have to face different questions.

 6- Out of these, the top 3 contestants answer a common question.

 7- Based on the highest score, the candidate is selected as the winner called Miss Universe.  The contestant with the second highest score is the first runner up while the third highest scorer is the second runner up.

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