Artificial intelligence - definition, working, use, importance and types in details.

 Friends, today we are all going to talk about Artificial Intelligence.  If we talk about technology, then it would not be wrong to say that Artificial Intelligence is a good example of advanced technology.  Seeing the increasing use of computer technology, in today's time it is being used more and more in all fields.

                    Due to artificial intelligence, machines have become more advanced and more accurate than before.  Due to which the speed of its working has become even more.  The main purpose of this technology is to make the robot more successful by thinking like a human through computer programming.  If you do not know much about this technology, then you do not need to worry about it, today we are going to talk about Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Course.

What is Artificial Intelligence?  Artificial Intelligence Course and its Importance !

Artificial intelligence 

What is Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).

 Artificial intelligence is a technology programmed by humans, in which they are taught through computer programming in such a way that they can think and understand like the human mind.

 Artificial Intelligence is also known as AI.  Artificial Intelligence is one of the most developed form of computer science technology.  Which is called artificial intelligence in Hindi.

 Talking about its programming process, it is taught to machine learning, follow rules, and keep learning and improving something on its own, which after a time can think and understand like a human mind.
    Artificial Intelligence was first discovered by American scientist JOHN MCCARTHY in 1956.  But the world came to know about its importance in 1981 when Japan started one of its projects, after which other countries also started making projects related to artificial intelligence.

What Can AI Do?

What can AI be used for? One of the broad goals of artificial intelligence is autonomous machine intelligence, with machine learning being one of the specific scientific methods used in constructing AI.
      Through autonomous machine intelligence, computers, mechanisms, and systems powered by AI could take much of the burden of decision-making, repetitive action, and instantaneous response away from humans, leading to greater efficiencies and performance improvements at all levels. This is one of the more optimistic visions of how artificial intelligence will change the future. We’re still a way off from achieving this level, and there are safety, ethical, and practical considerations to deal with before it becomes a workable reality.
What is AI used for in its present form? Currently, the artificial intelligence we have is weak or narrow AI — systems designed to perform specific tasks without human intervention, and with a limited range of autonomy in the way they go about it. But even at this level, there are numerous


 Talking about the types of artificial intelligence, there are mainly four types, which are mentioned below-


 1. THEORY OF MIND:- Talking about this type of system, it is very advanced, this machine performs its work very well by learning the methods of human being.  FACEBOOK is a good example of this.
     2. REACTIVE MACHINES:- After giving your input in this type of system, you get the reply DEEP BLUE is a great example of this type.
 3. SELF AWARENESS:- If we talk about the machine of this category, then the machine itself can take decision by understanding the feeling of the other and it should have SELF AWARENESS.  But this type of machine does not exist yet.
 4. LIMITED MEMORY:- Talking about Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence, it takes decisions on the basis of Past Memory EXPERIENCE.  Self driven cars are a good example of this system.

Where Is AI Used?

These artificial intelligence examples merely scratch the surface of the volume of applications of AI today. The technology is currently deployed in numerous sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, finance, health care, education, and urban planning.

In transportation, for example, systems like Google Maps can analyze the speed of traffic movement at any given time, incorporating on-the-spot reports of traffic incidents like construction work or accidents.

Predictive and preventative maintenance systems in the manufacturing industry are helping product makers to avoid costly downtime, while the incorporation of AI into quality control mechanisms enhances production.
    We’ve already observed that machine learning is assisting financial organizations in detecting fraud. AI and ML also play a role in payment processing, mobile check deposit, insurance, and the recommendation of investment options.

Artificial intelligence devices and smart connected systems are enhancing the delivery and administration of health care in numerous ways, such as remote diagnostics and telemedicine.
  Automated document reading, grading, and plagiarism checking powered by artificial intelligence are helping to ease the work load of educators, and providing an additional viewpoint to that of human instructors.
     At the urban level, an evolving set of “smart city” technologies are beginning to live up to their promise of optimizing utilities provision, traffic control, waste management, and other essential services.

 Following Two Are Best Book of AI For Beginners:-

 Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach
 Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications


 In this way, there are many other areas where it is being used on a large scale in today's time.


 AI applications are being used in many sectors, some of them are prominent which I have brought for you.

 1. BUSINESS :- It is used in many ways in the field of business, in which customer service is the main one which is done with the help of chat bot.
 2. FINANCE:- Earlier the company used to be very worried about data analysis, for this it had to spend money sometimes, but it is happening very easily through artificial intelligence.
 3. AGRICULTURE:- It is slowly being used for agriculture as well, where chat bots have been made for another farmer, the help of robots is also being taken in foreign countries.
 4. HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY:- It would not be wrong to say that in today's time it is a very big problem that patients can get good and complete treatment and for this many companies have now extended their hands in the health sector, so that the hospital  can be made even better.
 5. EDUCATION:- AI's contribution is also very much in the education sector, with the help of this, the student is getting online help so that he can devote more time to his subject.
 6. MANUFACTURING:- This is a place where perhaps Artificial Intelligence is being used the most, where earlier a lot of manpower was required to do a task, now it is becoming possible by some machines.
 7.LAW:- Artificial Intelligence did not leave this sector also because this sector is very big, due to which many types of problems were faced in it like documents, billing etc. It used to take a lot of time but due to its arrival the process became very fast.  Is.


 Following are some of the main courses of AI which have been brought in the curriculum in today's time-

 1. AI Bachelor
 2. AI in Master of Science
 3. AI Master
 4. BSc Maths
 5. PhD in Computer Science
 6. MBA in Data Science
 7. PhD in Artificial Intelligence


 The need for science and humans is increasing at a rapid rate.  The invention of technology is also happening at the same speed and in the midst of all this, we humans are getting closer to this technology, due to which machines have now come everywhere.
    Look at the robot itself, in today's time instead of humans, they have maintained their supremacy in many fields.  Due to which there has also been some loss due to this, many people have been read to lose their jobs.  But it has also had many benefits and if its future is seen, then it is going to be even brighter in the coming time.
    In today's post, we all learned about what is Artificial Intelligence and about it.  Also know about the course of Artificial Intelligence and its future.  This is a very advanced form of computer science technology, which has made the work of man very easy, not only this, he is also capable of taking decisions according to his past and present experience.  If you also want to do its related course then you can do it which has been mentioned above.  And I have also suggested the names of some good books which you can read.  If you like this post then share it and comment if you have any error.

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