Important Interview Tips For fresher Students During Interview

Best Interview Tips For Better Performance  during interview

What to do in interview for better performance.

* Take care of physical appearance and look a little better than on a normal day.

*Take a deep breath,calm yourself and enter interview room with a cheerful face.

* Walk smartly and modestly from the entrance to the interview table.

*carry a smart folder for documents.

* Greet the members with a smile and look them in the eyes when you meet them first and when you leave .

* Maintain an upright posture, may be Slightly leaning forward. Stay calm and composed and enthusiastic.

* Conduct yourself gracefully.

* Maintain lot of eye contact and use your body language.

* Can mention your views politely if you disagree.

* Portray what you wish to be observed. Play in areas of your strength.

* Take your time in answering questions. Concentrate on question before leaping.

* Listen to question carefully and respond accurately and precisely.

* Put fourth information that is likely to get you job with out sounding irrelevant.

* Be informed about latest developments.

* Defend your view point in friendly way.

* Demonstrate your abilities by your expression and communication.

* speak clearly and little loudly . Keep your pace of speech normal.
* Always act natural.

* Always sound positive about all aspects.

* Answer questions with little pause.

What Don'ts In Interview During Interview in the front of Interviewers for better performance.

* Don't rush answers. Don't feel nervous.

* Don't get excited. Don't speak fast. Don't talk too much.

* Don't argue with interviewers heatedly.

* Don't mislead yourself with overconfidence.

* Don't slouch in the chair .

* Don't speak I'll about others.

* Don't try to sell yourself directly.

* Don't mumble. Don't speak in a hushed tone or whisper.

* Never try to interrupt the interviewer .

* Never look back in your chair in an over relaxed way with your hands behind your head.

* Never get too close to the interviewer.

* Never put your hands in your pockets.

* Never cross your arms tightly in front of you.

* Never volunteer information about your weaknesses.

* Don't waste your time in last minute preparation

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