New Interview Question for fresher Mechanical Engineer

Interview Question and Answer for Mechanical Engineer in thermal company

Important Mechanical Engineer Competition Question

Ques. Whatever entropy is intensive property or extensive property ?

Ans. Entropy is extensive property.

Ques. In which process fluid expands but does not work ?

Ans. Throttling process.

Ques. In which process internal energy remains constant ?

Ans. Volume.

Ques. If cut off ratio of diesel cycle is increased, what happens to its efficiency ?

Ans. It decreases.

Ques. Why axial flow compressor is preferred in aircraft gas turbines ?

Ans. It has low frontal area.

Ques. What does thermal diffusivity of metals signify ?

Ans. Thermal diffusivity is associated with the speed of propagation of heat into solids during changes in temperature with time.

Ques. What are the harmful effects of sulphur in coal used for power generation ?

Ans. Sulphur in coal gives rise to number of ecological problems ranging from acid mine drainage to ash waste problems and air pollution due to SO² emission. Emission of SO² is the cause of acid rain and is responsible for severe environment damage.

Ques. What do you understand by the term coagulation ?

Ans. Impurities in water are usually in finely divided state which takes long time to settle and these usually pass through the filtering media. By adding certain chemicals (coagulation) ,gelatinous substances are formed which cause small particles to coalesce into groups large enough to be checked during filtering.

Ques. What is equivalent evaluation in a boiler plant ?

Ans. It is the amount of water that would be evaporated from water at 100°C to steam at 100°C by the same amount of heat which was actually absorbed by water and steam under operating conditions .

Ques. What is meant by balanced draft in boiler ?

Ans . Balanced draft refers to combination of forced and induced draft fans controlled to keep the furnace under slightly vaccum condition.

Ques. How is dryness fraction of steam measured ?

Ans. By using throttling calorimeter.

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