Best romantic Love wallpaper for facebook, Romantic Love couple Wallpaper and Romantic Love status shayari.

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    Romantic Love Wallpaper For facebook and facebook Romantic status. 

    I love you so much because you are not mine but i need you.

    Romantic Love Quotes for WhatsApp. 

    The night you do not come to my dreams, I feel like sleep has not been fulfilled. Because you are sleeping only because I see you sleeping.

    You want me so much you will be mad in my love.true love are in either side if love are both side then it's call luck.

    If you miss then the eyes are full or else
    I do not get used to crying.

    If the tears flow away from the tears,
    So your oath, in one day, we miss you.

    The Longest Distance On Earth Is Not North To South, It Is When..... I Stand In Front Of you &.. You Ignore Me..

    Best Romantic Love Status for WhatsApp. 

    You are mine in my dreams but it is my dream to get you. I wish you did not go away from me.

    Know what  is love
    Thinking of someone,
    Then smile and
    Then shedding tears
    Go to sleep.

    How much love is there for you in this heart, if you have done it, then you will not get this world my lucky ..

    Finding my lack once in your heart;
    If you have pain then love is still there!

    You marry me??  I love you

    Romantic Love couple Wallpaper and Romantic Love status shayari. 

    Love is not written on paper.,..
    For paper can be erased.,..
    Nor is it etched on the stone.,..
    For the stone can be broken.,..
    But it is inscribed on a heart.,..
    And there it shall remain forever.,

    You are so beautiful you are my life I love you

    Your love is life for me
    If you leave me I leave the world 

    If you are with me then I feel love rain on me.i need you. 

    The best moment of my life are dinner with you. Love you so much. 

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