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Romantic love status

Romance and love are two different thing love between two person are by there soul and heart but Romance by two person is in contact with. 

Love is the gift of god
But Romance is the gift of the love. 

Every person in the world love to someone by heart but there wishes are does not completed. 

True relationship are not based on the romance and enjoyment to each other is based on the love with soul and believe with heart and trust with mind. 

There are three things which are important for the love.
1.heart help to love someone 
2.soul help to believe on the someone 
3.mind for the live with someone whole life. 

If you believe in someone 
Then you love him/her
If you trust on someone 
Then you love him/her

If your heart beating for someone 
You love him/her very much. 

True love is always silence. 

True love are not based on the romance which are based on the trust, believe and care to each other. 

Every relationship are not a love some relationship are the compromise. 

Romance are comes anytime and any body but true love comes one time in the life and for only one person. 

If someone care you very much ,
He/she love you very much. 

Someone says love is the sweet poison but I say that love is a medicine which treated every diseases if they are true. 

Teacher says love lends strangers to AIM, but I say if love is true then it goes to AIM.

I love you very much because of not I need you because I can't live without you. 

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