Save girl child and respect the woman

Story save girl child, respect the woman story, most powerful story for woman, woman day special story.

Save girl child and respect the woman, woman day special story. 

One woman one day a gynecologist
Passed and said,
"I have a serious problem in the doctor and I
Want your help I'm pregnant,
You will not tell anyone, I have a life
From the Sonography Lab of Identity, I have learned that there is a child in my womb.
I am already a mother of a daughter and I do not want two daughters in any situation. "
The doctor said, "OK, so what can I do to help you?"
Then she said, "I want this
Help me fall down the womb. "
the doctor was experienced and intelligent.
A little thought and then said, "I think I have another simple path that will solve your problem." That woman was very happy ..
The doctor said, "We do one thing
Do not you want two daughters? ?
    So kill the first daughter, so that you can give birth to this unborn child and your problem will be solved. Anyway, we have to kill a child, then kill the first one, right? "
So that woman immediately quote "na na doctor". !!!
Killing is sin, and sin is anyway
I want your daughter a lot.
If I get scratches then I feel the pain
The doctor immediately said, "It is sin, before killing or killing whatever is not born."
That woman understood this point. He was ashamed of his own thinking and went home after repenting.
It will be very gracious to help people understand.

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