Lord Shree Ganesha Birth detail story , Lord Shiva and Ganesha war story.

Story behind Birth of Lord Shree Ganesha. God Ganesh birth story. 

Lord Shree Ganesha

Story of birth of Shri Ganesh.

  Bhagwati Parvati had two friends - Jaya and Vijaya.  Both of them were very beautiful, virtuous, prudent and sweet, Parvati respected them very much.  One day those friends requested him - 'Sakhi!  There is no Gana of our own, so there must be a Gana.  ' Uma said in surprise - 'What are you saying friends?  We have crores of ganas, who are ready to obey orders immediately.  Then what is the need of any other ganas?  "The friends said - 'All the ganas belong to Lord Ashutosh. His command is important for them. 
     The ganas like Nandi, Bhringi etc., who are called ours, also obey God's command above all. If you give any order and Shivaji ignores it.  If you do, then no gana will accept your order. If you ask, some excuse will definitely be made.' Parvati thought something and then said - 'And these innumerable rituals, can anyone ignore my orders?'  The friends said - 'No one is ours in Pramath Gana, they are all personal soldiers of Lord Rudra. Due to the uniqueness of Shiva, they are appointed with the permission of Shiva only for the purpose of protecting us and keeping an eye on our activities, so please be pleased.  Make sure to create a personal gana for yourself too.
     Parvati accepted his suggestion, but it was not yet translated into action.  The matter remained there and after a few days she forgot it.  One day it was early morning.  
     Parvati was going to take a bath in the bathroom, she ordered Nandi - 'If anyone comes, stop him.  ' And then she went inside.  Then Lord Shankar came from somewhere and started entering inside.  Nandishwar stopped them and requested - 'Mother is taking bath now, so please stay here.  ' Shivji said - 'Hey, let me take a bath, I have an important work, so how can I stay here?  ' Saying this, Lilavpu went straight to the bathroom, ignoring the words of Param Shiva Nandi.  Seeing Lord Ashutosh coming in a hurry, Jagajjanani, while taking a bath, was reduced to shame.  Shivji also left without saying anything.  Here Parvati, wearing clothes after bathing, started thinking - Jaya Vijaya's suggestion was justified.  
   I ignored him in vain.  If any of my personal members were present at the door, I would not have allowed Shiva to enter the bathroom easily.  Nandi ignored my words.  From this it seems that I do not have full authority over these Ganas.  That's why I must have a personal Gana.  
       Because he will be completely under my command.  Now the ganas, they obey me only by the order of Shiva, but my privates will obey them only with my permission. 
    Thinking like this, he removed the dirt of his most holy body and created a conscious person from it.

 Sarvayavanirdosham Sarvayava Sundaram.
 Vishalam sarvashobhadyam mahabalaparakramam  '
     That man was endowed with all auspicious features, free from defects of all components, very beautiful body, gigantic, wonderfully graceful and mighty and mighty. 
 ' Parvati ji immediately got many types of divine clothes worn and, giving auspicious blessings, said - 'Vats!  You are my son, being my heart-form, I am mine.  There is no one more dear than you.  ' Then the man with great respect bowed down at the feet of Jagajjanani and then with folded hands said - ' Mother!  I am yours, I will be yours.  I will always obey your orders.  Now what do you want, give orders in that matter.  I am ready to do everything you have specified.  ' Parvati said - 'Son!  
    You do not have to obey anyone's orders other than mine.  You remain as my gatekeeper and anyone who has come from anywhere, do not allow him to enter my interior until you have received my order.  
     You have to be ever vigilant in this matter.  ' Saying this, Parvati ji put her hand on the head of her son and gave a divine stick in her hand.  At this time he was looking very beautiful and full of glory, so Parvati ji was very engrossed in joy seeing him.  Then caressed him and appointed him at the door.

 Ganpati's fight with Shivaganas!

          The boy Ganesh stood at the door with a stick.  Here Parvati ji along with her friends started taking bath in the bathroom.  
    At the same time, his personal gatekeeper was appointed at the door, so he was not worried about anyone coming.  
    Then Lord Bhtabhavna arrived at the door and quickly began to enter inside.  He didn't even notice that there was no Shivagana, Parvati's son standing at the door.  
     He was not even acquainted with them, so he understood that someone would stand in his ganas.  Seeing Shiva trying to enter the house, Ganapati stopped him and asked - 'Dev, this is the private building of Mother Parvati.  It is mandatory to take their permission to enter it.  Where are you going without permission?  ' Then the attention of Chandramauli went towards him and he said - ' Stupid!  who are you ?  Who is trying to stop?  Move ahead, let me in.  ' Ganesh said - 'Mother is taking a bath, when she puts on clothes, then only permission can be taken from her to go inside you.  Till then you may stay here somewhere or try to come again.  Trilochan did not like the interruption, said - 'Hey, you do not know me, I am Shiva, the lord of Parvati and the God of the three worlds.  So leave the road and stand.  ' Ganapati completely stopped the way and said - ' God!  No matter who you are, I will not let you in until the Mother gives permission.  '
      Saying this the boy crossed the stick of his hand.  Shivji was surprised to see his persistence, said - 'You seem very intelligent!  Who are you who stop me from going to my own house?  Now you immediately leave the way and get away.  ' Saying this Shivaji again made an undertaking to go inside.  
    But the matriarch Ganesha again stopped him with a stick.  Seeing this, Shiva got very angry, but suppressing his anger, he started thinking aside from there - who is this who is standing blocking my path?  Ganas should be sent to him for this information.  He ordered the ganas - 'You people ask that child who is he?  
      When did it come from where and by whose orders does the gate stand as a guard?  ' The Shivaganas went to Parvati's son and repeated the same question.  Also said - 'You are a very beautiful and soft body child.  The welfare of the child lies in obeying the elders.  So get out of here immediately.  ' Parvatinandan also asked the same question, who are you people?  
    Where have you come from and what is the purpose of teasing me for no reason?  The welfare of the servants lies only in obeying the officers.  
                  Therefore, please leave immediately from here.  Hearing the words of Ganapati, the Shivaganas laughed, said - 'You are a very strange creature, you have said what we said.  Then something harshly said - 'It is in your good that you go away from here.  This is the command of Parvatipati Lord Shankar.  
        Till now we have not treated you with any harsh treatment considering you as our own members, if you do not agree then you will be compelled to kill.
     Ganesha also laughed, said - 'I am the son of Mother Parvati, she has appointed me at this place and ordered that no one should be allowed inside without my permission.  
        If you want to remove me by the order of your master, then I cannot move from here because of my mother's order.  You and your master can stand here if they wish, but cannot enter inside.  ' Shiva understood that he is the most powerful son of Mahashakti, so he will not deviate from his place.  
     Therefore the Shivas returned and appeared in the service of their master and bowed down and said - 'Bhootnath!  This child is the son of Mother Parvati, and on her orders, he is standing by blocking the door.  
      When we said more, he appeared to be ready for war.  ' Shiva became furious, said - 'Hey, where is a small child and where are you very powerful people!  Still you could not overcome his stubbornness?  If he is so stubborn, remove him from the door using force.  If you have to fight, you can do it.  
     The ganas bowed down to Shiva and again went towards the entrance of the building.  This time all of them were carrying different types of weapons in their hands.  Seeing them coming towards him, Ganesha stood standing towards him.  
     Shivgan warned him again - 'Child!  Whoever you are, now you have to move away immediately, otherwise you will end up in the face of death without any reason.  Because it is mandatory for us to obey the orders of Lord Shiva.
     Ganapati also answered boldly - 'Shivagya - foster gano!  You are many and I alone am ready to obey the orders of Shiva, yet Mother Parvati ji should see the power of her son and the ghostly Lord Shankar himself.  Now from different sides of Shiva Shiva, the war between the weak one child and the strong Shivgan is going to start respectively.  O Shiva!  You must have fought many times before, so you will be proficient in war, but I am still ignorant of the art of warfare.  Even on this you will have to face defeat in this dispute of Shiva.  
       But keep in mind that this victory and defeat will not be ours, but Jagdamba Jagdishwar's.  ' Hearing the child's words, the Shivgans got angry and then Nandi, Bhringi etc. Shivgans started attacking them.  Ganesh ji also got angry and started hitting him hard with a stick.  
    A fierce battle ensued between the two.  On one hand Bal Ganesh alone and on the other hand many, valiant brave Shivagans!  But, after a while Shivagan got distraught.  
      The mighty sons of Mahashakti became very frightening at this time, Kalpantkarne kalo vishyate ca fierceah.  As the case may be, sa Sarveshan Pralayankar:  Just as the time at the end of the cataclysm appears very frightening, similarly Parvatinandan was also seen as a cataclysmic to all Shiva at that time.  '

The escape of Shivagans after being defeated

      Seeing this form and being utterly defeated in the battle, Shivgan escaped with his life.  On the other hand Parvativallabh was watching all this while sitting in his place.  Then, after receiving the news of the war of Shivaputra and Shivaganas from the devarshi Narad, the gods Brahma, Vishnu etc. came there and praised Shiva and said - 'Bhootbhavan!  Bhoothnath! 
        Who is playing this leela at this time?  If there is any work for us to do, then order it.  ' Shiva said - ' what should I say?  A boy with a stick in his hand is standing at the entrance of my building, blocking the way.  He doesn't let me enter the house.  
   All my councilors and members, who were suffering from his blows, have fled from there.  
      Many of them got mutilated, many fell there and piled up and blood is flowing through the body of many of them.  
       Now you guys think for yourself what can be the duty in this situation?  Seeing Lord Vishnu going there, Lord Shiva bowed to him - 'Kamalasan!  
     The mighty majestic son of Bhagwati Uma has caused this plight for us.  To subdue him is not an easy task.  ' But Vishnu made the entrance and took Brahma with him and went to Parvatinandan.  On seeing him, Ganapati lifted his stick, then Lord Vishnu said - 'I am a peaceful Brahmin, I do not have any weapon.  
        Understand from this that I have not come for the purpose of fighting.  ' Then Brahmaji said - 'I am the real Kamalodbhav.  I should be treated kindly.  ' Ganesh said - ' That's all, it is the grace that I am letting you go quietly.  You peace-loving people should immediately leave this battlefield created at this time.  '
   And Brahma-Vishnu quietly left from there.  Then the ganas bowed at the feet of Lord Shankar and requested - 'Lord!  That child seems ready to consume us like a deluge.  Fighting him is not an easy task. 
      Lord Shiva's eyes turned red, he summoned the Indra deities and Shadannadi chief ganas and ghosts and demons and angrily ordered - 'Take that child as you can.  Sitting at the door of my own house, that child should rule over me, how can it be tolerated?  As soon as Shiva's order was received, all the deities, heroic Kartikeya, all the Shivaganas and ghosts and demons took various types of sharp weapons in their hands and went to Parvatinandan and surrounded them.  
    All around him were the formidable Divyakarma Devgans and other mighty heroes.  Ganapati was alone among them.  But he was the son of that great power, which no other power could equal.  Not even distracted by the simultaneous blows all around.  He nullified all the attacks of the enemies on sight.  No armament was successful in harming them.  
    Mahavir Ganapati repelled all the gods, Shivaganas, ghosts and demons with his blows and stunned everyone.  
     The entire enemy army ran away.  The same condition happened to them as had happened to the Shivaganas sent earlier.  Wherever Ganesha would strike, there would be a lot of moss.  There the river of blood started flowing.  
    On the other hand, a lot of blood flowing in the stream of the severed limb starts appearing.  Devraj Indra's thunderbolt became in vain, the weapons of Karthik, who killed Tarakasura, have become ineffective!  
    The boy alone committed such a horrific massacre, it was an untoward incident!  All the gods were astonished!

 The manifestation of superpowers by Shiva

      Description The mighty Shiva heard that Sivanandan alone was attacked by innumerable heroes, and that child alone was facing them with a stoic spirit, then she became very angry.  He thought - 'Such atrocities on a small child?  I must help that loyal brave son.  ' Having made such a determination, he immediately revealed two great powers.  
       One of them was huge, fierce and open mouth like a mountain of Kajal and the other was as bright as lightning.  He had many arms.  Shiva ordered them, 'Go, help Ganesha at the door.  ' The superpowers have gone.  By that time, Devganadi had regrouped and reunited.  
     Seeing this, both the powers became active and the first power would take the weapons left by Devganadi in its mouth and then started raining fierce weapons on all of them.  
     The other power used to attack the opponents and torment them with terrible torture.  
    In this way both the great powers started performing wonderful pastimes with their unfading strikes and terrible deeds.  But those goddesses were sometimes direct and sometimes indirect, and Parvatinandan trampled innumerable forces of opposition by staying alone continuously.  
    Just as Mandarachal churned the ocean, Shivaputra alone churned the vast army of Shiva.  
     At the hand of the child alone, Indra and all the Gods and Shiva became very disturbed and very distraught and began to think among themselves that Dutiesam Kva Gantavyam Na Gyante Disho Dasha.  Parigham Bhramayatyesh Svyapasvyamev c.
     Say !  what should be done ?  where to go  None of the ten directions is visible.  And this child is also such a wonderful karma that he is easily rotating his girth on both the right and left sides.  
     Thus no one could see anything.  Everyone was looking for directions to run away.  
    At that time Nardadi's sages and Apsaras etc. were watching that very fierce battle with flowers and sandalwood in their hands.  
    All of them were also surprised that they had never seen such a war.  The opposition armies could no longer stand before Shivaputra. 
    All the heroes took their lives and ran away wherever they found their way.  But, even in that situation, Swami Kartikeya did not move away from the battlefield.  
    They stood patiently in the battle.  But all their weapons were falling apart. 
     In the end, seeing all his weapons ineffective, he also thought it useless to stand there and withdrew from the battle field.  
       All the hurt and fearful deities reached the shelter of Lord Neelkanth and, while bowing at his feet, said - 'Trilochan!  Snake Vibhushan!  Protect  So far we have seen many wars, but we have not seen or heard anywhere that a child alone can defeat innumerable Devgans, Pramathas and Shivaganas.  
   His great might is not even fathomed.  
   Now you yourself should take some remedy, so that victory can be achieved over it.  '

 Shiva's go to Ganesh for war

 When Lord Shankar heard the aarti call of the deities and his ganas, his eyes became red in anger, his eyebrows raised and his arms fluttered.  He immediately went towards Ganesha. 
     Seeing this, all the gods and Shiva also followed him.  When the gods saw Shiva ready for battle, they bowed down at his holy feet and again jumped into battle.  
    This time Lord Vishnu also reached in front of Ganesha.  .
         When the war started, distraught with the punishment of Ganapati, he withdrew from the war. 
     Lord Shiva saw that even Lord Shri Hari had to see the face of defeat and Devraj Indra had already given up his courage, so he started thinking how to win over this child?  It is difficult to come under its control through a crusade.  .
    So something has to be done with it.  If it can be killed then only by deceit, no other way is possible.  
     Having determined this, Lord Vishnu also came there by the signal of Shiva standing in the midst of his huge army.  An atmosphere of music was created, in which the Shivaganas started dancing. 
         Then Vishnu said - 'Neelkanth!  If you believe that it is not possible to kill it without deceiving it, then I let it be enchanted.  Only then you kill it.  Shiva accepted Vishnu's suggestion.  The thought of Trilokinath Shri Hari was realized by both the great powers of Parvati and she disappeared there by giving her might to Ganesha.  
     Here Lord Vishnu remembering Shiva began to fascinate Ganesha.  Happened.
    Then Shiva raised the trident in his hand and started to strike. 
    Ganesh ji remembered his majestic mother Parvati ji and struck power.  That power started moving with a strong velocity, due to which the trident left his hand and went to a distant earth. 
       Seeing this plight of his trident, the ten-armed Shiva became very angry.  He tried to handle his bow, till the time the attempt was made, Ganeshji made a strong attack of his girth.  
   Thus his bow also fell away.

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