How to make right decision in life.

 Whatever we are today is the result of the decisions we made in the past.  Some decisions are such that shape our future, some ruin our future.  We take decisions in haste, for which we have to bear the consequences later, because we forget some things, while taking decisions, some things have to be kept in mind, which I am going to tell you in this article today, so let's put one  Look at those things.

    Best 11 point Remember during the take Best decision in success life. 

    How to make best decision in life

    1).  Have faith in yourself:-

                Friends, it is very important to have a belief in you to do any work, and it is not a small thing to take a decision, especially for your life, if you take a decision to become something or to do something, then first of all you have to  Have faith in yourself, because your whole life and your future will depend on that one decision.  I just want to ask you whether you believe in yourself or not?  If not, then do not take any decision, but first of all instill a belief in yourself.  Faith is the key to convert every trouble or crisis into success.  To instill confidence in yourself, say positive things to yourself everyday, say that God is with me, I can do any work, I believe in myself, I can do this, you should practice it everyday, slowly you will feel its results.  and a new faith will be born in you.

     2).  Don't be hasty :-

                 It is said that the work of haste is done by the devil, of course!  So don't do this work, let the devil do it.  Friends, every single moment is very precious in our life, so do not be hasty in whatever decision you sit, rather give time to your mind and think well on it because friend, you are taking the decision of your life and if you are in a hurry.  And if you take the wrong decision, it will take a long time to return.  Don't decide the size in a hurry at the behest of anyone.

     3) .  Assess Yourself :-

     Sometimes what happens is that for the first time when we start taking a decision, we feel a little nervous, so definitely think about the weaknesses due to which you are not able to take a definite decision i.e. to assess it.  Start and try to work on that weakness gradually, it is better not to take big decisions in the beginning, start by taking small decisions, what will happen that will increase your confidence, understanding will also increase and if any  Even if the decision goes wrong, do not panic because this mistake, this failure will increase your decision making ability and you will get a lesson that what is right and what is wrong, you will be able to take decisions in a better way.

     4).  Look at both the right and the wrong side of the decision:-

     Friends, every coin has two sides, that is, everything has a negative point and a positive point, now the question here is about your point of view, which aspect do you pay more attention to i.e. pay more attention.  Friends, it is not necessary that every decision taken by you is correct, it is necessary that while taking any decision, you must think about both its right and wrong consequences, but it does not mean that you are always towards negative point.  Pay more attention, because of this you will never be able to take a decision.  Keep this in mind and ask yourself that what is the effect of this decision on me if the decision I am taking is right or not, if it is wrong then how and if it is right then how,,,, this will give you a clarity.  ), you will also be able to take the right decision, then you will not have any regrets later.

      5).  Do not take decision under any pressure:-

     If you want to take the right decision, then remember that there should not be any burden or pressure on you at that time, otherwise you may have to repent.  Think about both the right and wrong consequences and don't take any decision as a burden otherwise it will be very difficult to take an accurate and right decision.  Always keep this thing in mind.

     6).  Accept Revenge :-

     Friends, change or change is a rule of this world and if we want to move forward then we have to accept this rule.  When we are taking a new decision, then many changes come in our life, new changes come which we have to accept, you know that there are many of us who are left behind, you know why?  Because these people do not like to adapt according to change, they do not like it at all, due to which they remain the same because they are afraid to bring any change in their life.  That's why we should know that change is a rule of our life, whatever change comes from our decision, we should accept it.

     7).  Don't think too much:-

     Friends, we all know this thing that if anything starts exceeding the limit, then it becomes dangerous, when we have to take any decision about any thing, even if it is a little fear in us.  So our mind starts thinking more about him.  By thinking too much, we also reduce the power of our thinking, because by overthinking, we spoil the situation in front of us instead of improving, so now you will say how to control it, whenever  If it seems that you are thinking too much, then at that moment tell yourself "Stop" and at the same time start taking a long and deep breath.  Do this Deep Breathing for 10 minutes, then you will feel very light and refreshed.

     8).  Do take advice from others:-

     Taking advice from others does not mean that you start taking advice from everyone, taking advice means that you have to take advice from those people who you have full confidence in, who are educated, educated like your teachers and don't go without decision.  You reach to them about a decision and tell your point and if your decision is in the option i.e. you have chosen 2 or 3 options thinking that you have to choose any one of these 3 but you are stuck and unable to choose right  Then you can take advice and remember one thing, you must also include your family in your decision, definitely share your point with them and take their views also.  After family, choose only the right person who can help you in this.

     9).  Do not bring emotions in between:-

     Do not take any decision on the basis of feelings, it has happened many times that when we become very happy or if we become sad, then we take such decisions which harm us a lot in the future and except regret in hand.  Nothing remains.  Emotions are temporary, that is, they keep on changing, on the basis of which the decision maker always regrets.  Ignore the feelings and go with your mind.

     10).  Positive thinking is important:

                     Friends, there is no doubt about it.  To achieve any great success or to become something, it is very important to have positive thinking.  Someone has said that a person becomes what he thinks, friends, we have so much power in this thinking that it can change the situation in a moment, but many people are unaware of it, that is why they make these mistakes.  They do not know that if the decision is taken, if we are afraid of the right decision, thinking negatively that if something reverses should happen, then the brother will be exactly the same as you are thinking.  So friends, take special care of this, if you want to prove it right by taking a decision, then always keep your thinking positive.

     11).  Think about the future:

                      If you are making a decision by sitting somewhere, then the best way to make the right decision is to think at the same time how you will feel about it after a few years after taking this decision.  What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror?  That is to say, the decision should also think about the long-term consequences.

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