Marriage best wishes, Quotes, status, massage for successful marriage life.

 Marriage life is a beautiful feeling in which the hearts of two people come together and two families become one, everyone's married life is happy but the stubbornness of the youth is not less than marriage, there are many such occasions in life.

  When you are sharing your love to make married relationship through beautiful quotes.  Friends, to increase happiness in married life, we are providing Marriage Quotes, let's start.

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Marriage Quotes (Best Wishes)  for successful marriage life. 

Marriage status quotes

Marriage Quote 1. For successful marriage one has to fall in love many times, always with the same person.

Marriage Quote 2. Marriage is not only the union of two souls but the union of two souls.

Marriage Quotes 3. May your couple be safe;  May life be filled with lots of love, may you celebrate every day with happiness, wishing you a very happy marriage.

Marriage Quote 4. There is no lack of love, but the lack of friendship is what makes marriage a failure.

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Marriage Quote 5. Where there is marriage without love, there is love without marriage.

 Marriage Quote 6. Marriage is important in life.  If you get a good wife you will be happy and if you get a bad wife you will become a philosopher.

 Marriage Quote 7. A happy marriage begins when we marry the one we love and it flourishes when we love the one we marry.

Marriage Quote 8. A relationship is not a bright sun, but two people sharing an umbrella can survive the storm together.

Marriage Quote 9. Marriage is about sharing life with your best friend, enjoying the journey to the fullest and reaching every destination together.

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Marriage Quote 10. The biggest secret of a successful marriage is to treat all calamities as events and do not take any event as a disaster.

Marriage Quotes 11. May every happiness of life be with you from today but let us also join your happiness.

Marriage Quote 12. Remember, each one of us stumbles, so a partner's hand is taken so that we can overcome or escape from that stumbling block.

Marriage Quote 13. Honesty is very important in marriage, you cannot build a strong relationship on the basis of half truth and half lie.  Be honest at all times.

Marriage Quote 14. More marriages can be saved if the life partner realizes that sometimes better comes after bad.

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Marriage Quotes 15. Marriage is a game, always be honest in it.

Marriage Quotes 16. May this bond of faith remain like this, may the ocean of love flow in your life like this, may life be full of happiness and prosperity from the Lord, wishing you a very happy marriage.

Marriage Quote 17. Honesty is very important in marriage.  You can't build a strong relationship on half truths and half lies.  Be honest at all times.

Marriage Quote 18. A happy man marries the woman he loves;  A happy man loves the woman he marries.

Marriage Quotes 19. May this bond of love of both of you never break, You never got angry with each other even if you wanted to, Keep living a life full of happiness, May God never leave those moments of happiness in your life.  .  Wishing you a very happy marriage.

Best Marriage Status quotes for successful marriage life. 

Best marriage status quotes

Marriage Quote 20. I don't want to get married just to be married.  I can't think of loneliness more than spending the rest of my life with someone I can't talk to, or worse, with whom I can't keep quiet.

Marriage Quote 21. There are three things in a happy married life: memories of being together, sorry for mistakes and a promise to never leave each other's side.

Marriage Quote 22. It is not necessary to be perfect to be beautiful.

 Marriage Quote 23. Marriage is not a matter of age;  It's a matter of finding the right person.

Marriage Quote 24. Today is the beginning of a sweet relationship in this auspicious time, both of you should always be together, this is the only request to God, many best wishes for married life.

Romantic love marriage status quotes for husband. 

Marriage Quote 25. Marriage is the gift of God or the custom of the world, I do not care as long as you are with me, my world is only you.

Marriage Quote 26. May the bond of love always remain like this, may both of you have faith in each other, may both of you never have to face sorrow in life, very best wishes for married life.

Marriage Quote 27. Marriage, they say, halves one's rights and doubles one's duties.

Marriage Quote 28. Every moment of each other, fill each other from now on, stay like this for life, two bodies are a shadow.

Marriage Quote 29. Today is a day of celebration, it is raining congratulations, today is like a festival, my friend has got marriage fever, many congratulations on your marriage.

Romantic love marriage status quotes for wife. 

Marriage Quote 30. I think a long lasting healthy relationship is more important than the idea of   marriage.  At the root of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.

Marriage Quote 31. Marriage is the highest stage of friendship, if it is happy, it reduces our worries by dividing, and doubles our happiness by mutual participation.

Marriage Quote 32. The secret of a good marriage is to understand that marriage should be perfect, permanent and equal.

Marriage Quote 33. Marriage, family, all relationships Finding the right dancer is a process rather than a learning dance.

Marriage Quote 34. To make married life happy, neither love nor friendship should be lacking.

Happy marriage life quotes status for girlfriend. 

 Marriage Quote 35. The best marriage is not when a perfect couple joins together, it is when a couple learns to enjoy their differences, even if they do not have all the good qualities.

Marriage Quote 36. Marriage is an ideal institution, but I am not ready for any institution.

Marriage Quote 37. The person is very fortunate, who finds a true friend, but even more fortunate is the person who finds a friend in the form of a wife or a husband.

Marriage Quote 38. Tonight's night is full of shehnai, my friend's relationship is going to be tied, the bride is decorated, the bride is decorated, all friends are happy, happy marriage my dear friend.

Marriage Quote 39. Marriage is a gamble, let's be honest.

Romantic Marriage life quotes massage for husband and wife. 

Marriage life massage for husband and wife

Marriage Quote 40. Great marriages are always made with cooperation.  Respect for each other, the right amount of admiration and the never ending love and attraction are what make a marriage great.

Marriage Quotes 41. You both are dear to us!  Who fills the colors of happiness!  Good luck with your couple!  This is what I pray to the above.

Marriage Quote 42. If I get married, I want to be completely married.

Marriage Quote 43. After a long time this world has come, wishing for happiness, this place of happiness is full of blessings, share happiness with each other, you will like every color of marriage.

Marriage Quotes 44. May the moon be your world full of stars, May the courtyard full of happiness, May the days of happiness come in your life, May your married life be full of wishes.

New marriage life wishes for girlfriend and boyfriend. 

Marriage Quote 45. There are two parameters of a happy marriage
 Wealth and poverty.

Marriage Quote 46. For a successful marriage it is necessary that you fall in love many times, but always with the same person.
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Marriage Quote 47. Your marriage can last as long as the sun is present!  As long as the moon shines, your love shines like this too!  Wishing you a very happy wedding day.

Marriage Quotes 48. May this meeting of yours become wonderful and more loving, caring and blissful as time passes.  May this wedding day bring lots of happiness and love in your life.

Marriage Quote 49. In the context of my marriage, you know, falling in love with my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Best marriage wishes status quotes. 

Marriage Quote 50. Happy marriages are like fingerprints, each one is different and each one is beautiful.

Marriage Quotes 51. Wishing you a wonderful married life journey as you build your new life together.  we hope you love
 Will enjoy every moment with each other's care and support.

Marriage Quotes 52. Marriage is an important part of life.

Marriage Quote 53. Somewhere far away from the gardens, Bhanwara has come, has brought a message like smelling roses, drums are playing and shehnai is playing, today millions of congratulations.

Marriage Quote 54. A successful marriage is possible only between two people who can love each other from the bottom of their heart.

Friend best wishes for marriage life. 

Marriage Quotes 55. Find each other in every difficulty, live life with a smile, remember in your prayers, we always want to be happy, this is what we always want.  ,  Best wishes for marriage.

Marriage Quote 56. Before marriage keep your eyes completely open, after marriage half closed.

Marriage Quote 57. Married life is ruined not because of lack of love, but because of lack of friendship and trust.

Marriage Quotes 58. Such a prayer gives, May love always be available, Never be angry, May you always get the love of your loved ones.

Marriage Quote 59. Happiness in marriage is a perfect coincidence.

Marriage Quote 60. Finding the right person is the secret of a happy married life.
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