PUBG New state information, download, user experience in details.

 PUBG New state information, download, support devices in details. 

Pubg new state download

New Delhi :- The manufacturer of mobile and battlegod mobile has launched its new pubg new state.  The game has been released on both Android and iOS platforms.  The game will be available for download on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iPhone users.  This game has been introduced as a futuristic version of PUBG Mobile.  Let us tell you that the game was banned in India last year.
     Due to this, the users were very disappointed and were constantly demanding to bring it back.  Battleground Mobile India was launched to fill the gap of this game.  To be seen, this is the India-only version of the original PUBG Mobile.  Game developer Crafton has been teasing PUBG New State since the beginning of this year.  This game will eventually be released to everyone globally.  The game was first announced in February, after which the game has received more than 50 million pre-registrations.  Pajbi New State apk file has not been made available officially yet.  But according to some reports, there are many content creators who already had or have some necessary APK and OBB files of this game to run the game.

 how is the game

 This game is based on the battle of the year 2051.  It has been given improved graphics and gunplay.  New Map Feature, Returning Game Modes, Unique Game Machine will be available in PUBG News State.  PUBG New State game has been made available for Android users for download.

What's new with PUBG New State?

The first obvious departure from current PUBG titles, which are all set in the present day, is the new futuristic setting in PUBG: New State. Taking place in 2051 on a new map – an area called Troi – players can expect to navigate a sprawling town with a mix of suburban living and more natural areas. 

The map is 8 x 8, a similar size to Erangel and Miramar from the mainline PUBG game, and features plenty of locations for gamers to explore including a town hall, restaurants and a shopping mall. Here, you'll find details of the new map in full. You can also see a complete top-down view of the new environment here.

Interestingly, the game also launched with three other maps, including the aforementioned fan-favorite Erangel, which has been “updated with futuristic twists” for New State, specifically.

With this new futuristic setting comes a suitably-futuristic array of new gadgets, too. In both the trailer and gameplay reveal, we spotted drones that deliver loot, deployable combat shields – similar to those we've seen in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 – and shiny new weapons, alongside new vehicles including TRON-like bikes. You can also now customize weapons in-game, in a manner similar to Apex Legends’ dynamic modification mechanic. 

 Users are having this problem

 Indian users are facing server issues regarding the use of PUBG New State.  In such a situation, users are able to download PUBG New State.
 But during use, facing the problem of Unable to conncet to the server.  According to PUBG, users will be able to use PUBG New State after 11.30 pm Indian time.

 PUBG New State will support these devices

 PUBG New State can be used in smartphones with 2 GB and above RAM.  Also, the smartphone CPU should be 64 bit based.  If you are an Android user, keep in mind that PUBG New State will only support Android 6.0 and above Android operating system.
 The game is available for download on the Google Play Store.
 On the other hand, if you are an iOS user, then PUBG New State will support iOS 13 and above.  Its size is 1.5 GB.

 How to Download PUBG New State

 Downloading PUBG New State is quite easy for Android users.
 Step 1: First of all visit Google Play store.
 Step 2: After this search PUBG New State and click on Install option.
 Step 3: After this you can play the game by submitting the required information.

 keep these things in mind during the use of PUBG new state

 PUBG New State game is present in 18 languages   including Urdu, Chinese.  But at present the game has not been introduced in Hindi language.
 To play the game, you have to sign in with Facebook or Google account.  Also, the option of signing in as a guest has been given.
 Apart from this, you have to accept the privacy policy and terms of the game.
 PUBG New State can be played on South African server, not Indian.
 Please check your Wi-Fi connection before installing PUBG New State
 The size of the PUBG New State game is 1.4GB.  For this a fast internet connection will be required.  Also, there should be space in your phone.
 While downloading the game, put the phone in charging.

 PUBG New State is being released in a phased manner.  In such a situation, the game may not be available for everyone's download.  In that case you will have to wait a bit.

 PUBG New State is developed by PUBG Studios.  The new PUBG New State is an updated version of the original PUBG game.  In this you will find great graphics, improved performance and optimization, improved gunplay, unique weapons, new vehicles.

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