Happy new year 2022: why celebrate on 1st January and how to celebrate independence different countries.

Preparations are in full swing to welcome the new year i.e. the year 2022.  The new year will be welcomed around the world according to the time of different countries.  Let us know in which country the celebration of New Year will be celebrated at what time according to Indian time.  Talking about India, the New Year celebrations will start here after 12 o'clock on the night of 31 December.

Happy new year 2022: history of new year, how to celebrate independence different countries ?

History of new year in details

How did January 1 become the first day of the year

 The early Roman calendar consisted of 10 months and 304 days. Each new year began on the vernal equinox. According to this tradition, it was created by the founder of Rome, Romulus. Eighth century BC.  After King Numa Pompilius added the months of Januarius and Fioruri, and over the centuries the calendar fell out of sync with the sun.
 After this 46 BC.  Emperor Julius Caesar decided to solve this problem in consultation with the most prominent astronomers and mathematicians of his time.  He introduced the Julian calendar, which resembles the more modern Gregorian calendar.  Which are used by most countries around the world today.  Caesar then established January 1 as the first day of the year.  Partially to honor the names of the month, Janes was initially a Roman god who had two faces.  allowed them to look back into the past and look forward into the future.  Romans celebrated by offering sacrifices to Janus, exchanging gifts with each other, decorating their homes with laurel branches, and attending parties.
 Christian leaders in medieval Europe temporarily replaced January 1 as the first days of the year. Those with greater religious significance, such as December 25 (anniversaries of the birth of Jesus) and March 25 (festivals of the year).  Then Pope Gregory XIII re-established January 1 as New Year's Day in 1582, and January 1 was recognized as the first day of the year.

 Why is the new year celebrated on January 1 only?  Know the history behind it here.

Let us tell you that this tradition of celebrating the new year first started with the Gregorian calendar.  It started on 15 October 1582.  This calendar was started by Christians.  Before the arrival of the Gregorian calendar, Russia had a Julian calendar.  It was only 10 months.  Also, the date of Christmas in this calendar used to change every year.  January 1 was the first day in this calendar.  Since then this calendar has become prevalent all over the world.  And on January 1, the new year started being celebrated.

 how is new year celebrated

 Apart from India, in many countries, the New Year celebrations begin on the evening of December 31 and continue into the early hours of January 1.  From the beginning of the new year, the process of best wishes starts.  In Spain and many other Spanish-speaking countries, people toss a dozen grapes to symbolize their hopes—months just before midnight.  While pigs represent progress and prosperity in some cultures.  Pork is eaten exclusively on New Year's Day in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and other countries.  While feasts are held on this day in the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere, in Sweden and Norway rice pudding with almonds is served on New Year's Eve.

 First these countries will celebrate the new year

 The first in the world to welcome the New Year in Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati.  Where the new year will start at 3:30 pm Indian time.  After this, the New Year will be welcomed in New Zealand, parts of Russia and Australia.  Talking about Asian countries, Japan, South Korea will welcome the new year first.  According to the time of India in Japan and South Korea, the New Year will start on the night of December 31 at 8:30.

Here will be the last celebration

 The name of the US Minor Outlying Island comes in the last countries in the world where the New Year will be celebrated.  Here at last the New Year will be celebrated on 1 January at 5:35 pm (according to Indian time).

Celebrated New year in different countries. 

Happy new year celebration in countries

 New year in india

 In India, New Year is celebrated on different dates in different places.  Most of these dates fall in the months of March and April.  In Punjab, New Year is celebrated as Baisakhi on 13th April.  The followers of Sikhism celebrate it on the second day of Holi in March according to the Nanakshahi calendar.  The people of Jainism celebrate the new year on the next day of Diwali.  It starts from the next day after the attainment of salvation of Lord Mahavir Swami.

 fireworks scene

 The bursting of crackers is probably the most common way to welcome the new year.  In many countries this is celebrated on the midnight of 31 December and 1 January.  This time it is possible that there may be instructions in many places not to gather crowds due to Corona, yet there are no reports about the ban on firecrackers.  New Zealand's Auckland Sky Tower is very famous for its views of fireworks to welcome the new year.  Similarly, fireworks are also visible on Sydney Harbor in Australia.  Apart from these, the sky is bathed with colorful firecrackers in Toronto, Canada, Rio in Brazil.

eating lentils

 There is a unique tradition in Brazil to welcome the new year.  On the occasion of New Year, people especially eat cooked lentils here.  Lentils are considered a symbol of wealth, so it is believed that if lentils are eaten, then prosperity is achieved in the new year.

throwing things away

 In America, the most important celebration of the New Year takes place on Times Square and all eyes are on a colorful glowing ball descending from the tall pole of the flag.  In fact, it marks the countdown to the new year.  After this, it is seen in many American cities that people traditionally throw some things from a height on New Year's Eve.  For example, in Indiana people throw watermelons from a height.

Welcome the new year with lighting and fireworks.

The grandest event is organized for the new year in Portugal.  The government here organizes the world's largest firework on Madeira Island for the new year.  Due to which the sky of Portugal is lit up with colorful lights on the night of 31 December.  This grand event of Portugal has also been included in the "Guinness Book of World Records".

Know your future on the new year .

In Germany and Austria, a unique way of knowing the future on the new year is adopted.  For this, keeping water in a bowl, put mercury in it.  It is believed that if the mercury becomes like the anchor of a ship, then the person pouring the mercury needs help, but if the mercury becomes round then the person's new year is going to pass well.

Celebrating the New Year in the Cemetery .

The way of celebrating the New Year in the city of Chile in South America is a little different.  The people here go to the cemetery on December 31 and pray for their families throughout the night.

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