Maharishi Dayanand University(mdu) kinematics of machine(KOM) sample paper 2016

MDU kinematics of machine pervious year sample paper

B.Tech. 4th semester(ME) KOM Question paper 2016

1. Explain the following:

(a) Definition of Resistant body.
(b) Difference between machine and structure.
(c) Degree of freedom.
(d) Define Kinematic pair and explain all its types with example.
(e) Explain laws of solid friction.
(f) Explain types of pulleys  .
(g) Define Module.
(h) Define can and its type.


2. In a quick return motion mechanism of cranck and slotted lever type,the ratio of maximum velocities is 2. If the length of stroke is 25 cm ,find
(a) The length of the slotted lever.
(b) The ratio of times of cutting and return strokes.
(c) The maximum cutting velocity per second if the crank rotates at 30rpm.

3. In a four bar chain ABCD,AD is fixed and is 120 mm long. The crank AB is 30mm long and rotates at 100rpm clockwise while the link CD=60mm oscillates about D. BC and AD are of equal length. Find the angular velocity of link CD when angle BAD = 60°.


4. Derive the equation for minimum force required to drag a body on rough horizontal surface.

5. Derive the equation of ratio of Driving tensions in flat belt. Also find out the maximum power transmitted by a belt.


6. The minimum radius ,lift and nose radius of a tangent cam are 4.2 cm,1.4cm and 1.6cm respectively. The roller follower axis passes through the cam  axis and radius is 2cm. Semi angle of cam  action is 70°. Draw displacement velocity and acceleration diagrams for follower motion for one rotation of the cam.

7. A pair of spur wheels with 14 and 21 teeth are of involute profile and pressure angle 16°. Find maximum addenda on the pinion and gear wheel to avoid interference if module is 6mm. Also find the maximum velocity of sliding on either side of the pitch point of pinion runs at 300 rpm.


8. Derive the freudenstein's equation.

9. Two bevel gears A and B having 40 and 30 teeth are rigidly mounted on two co-axial shafts X and Y. A bevel gear C having 50 teeth meshes with A and B and rotates freely on one end of an arm . At the other end of the arm is wielded a sleeve and the sleeve is riding freely loose on the axes of the shafts. If the shaft X rotates at 100 rpm clockwise and arm rotates at 100 rpm anticlockwise, find speed of shaft Y.

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