Gif : full form, how to create, make Gif from video.

 Friends, in today's post, we will know all about GIF, in which its full form, what is GIF and will also talk about GIF maker tool.  GIF is an image format like JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. It is also of the same type.

 Many times, what we do not understand by reading and listening, we understand that thing very easily through the image.  This is the reason that more images are used in children's cartoon books.

In today's time the use of internet has increased so much that everyone is using it according to their usage.  But whenever we search for something on the internet, we definitely get to see images and GIFs there.  So let's know in detail about this GIF and what is its full form.

Gif : what is Gif, full form of Gif, how to create Gif ?

What is gif, full form of Gif

What is the full form of GIF.

 The full form of GIF or its full form is GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT (Graphics Interchange Format).  This image format is unlike other image formats like JPEG, PNG because it does not reduce the quality of the image.

 GIF is being used a lot in today's time, especially GIF format is mostly used for MEMES.  This type of image format can be created very easily by your smartphone, which we will talk about later in this post.

 What is GIF.

 GIF is an image format and includes an animated image.  GIF was first presented in 1987, then it was presented in front of the logo in 1989 by Compuserve with an updated version.

 If you do the same thing before GIF, then Flash file was used there for the animation used in the presentation.  But the biggest problem of Flash file was that not all browsers support this type of file, due to which limited browser use had to be taken.
 GIF was used to get rid of this problem because it did not have any such problem.  In today's time, you are seeing how widely it is being used.  It is most commonly used on social platforms like WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM.

 How to make GIF.

 You must have seen that GIF of any QUOTES, Patriot or Tricolor flag will come on your WHATSAPP or INSTAGRAM on every festival or on the occasion of 15th August, 26th January.  Not only this, on the auspicious occasion of your BIRTHDAY, you must have received wishes from someone in the form of GIF.

 You must have also thought about it once, how it is made and you must have tried to make it, if you come to make it, then it is a very good thing and if it does not come, then read this post till further, in this you will have to make GIF.  has been told about.

 Actually there are many PAID and free applications available to make GIF, but I will tell you about free application with the help of which you can create GIF.

 Not only this, you can also create it with the help of your mobile, for this you have to download its application from Play Store, after which you can make it very easily by mixing 4,5 photos.

 Free Online GIF Maker.

 Here I am going to tell you about making GIF online, so that you can very easily create very attractive and beautiful GIF for free.  You must have seen many times watermark on the video and many photos due to which the video does not look good.

 It also shows that this photo and video is made from some other application or has been copied by someone.  But in this application you will not see any kind of watermark.

 You can easily create GIF by following the steps given below.
 STEP-1 First of all you go to CHROME browser and click on this link or else open it in Chrome browser by COPY the link
 STEP-2 There you will see the option of upload image, go to the CHOOSE file and click on the number of images you want to make GIF.
 STEP-3 After CHOOSE the image, now you can click on the UPLOAD & MAKE GIF given below.
 STEP-4 After this you will see TOGGLE RANGE, DELAY TIME, if you want to change, then set it according to you or leave it as it is the default setting.
 STEP-5 After doing all this, click on MAKE A GIF.
 STEP-6 Now your selected image has been converted into GIF, which you can download by clicking on the SAVE option shown in RIGHT SIDE.

 How to convert video to gif.

 If you want to convert any video to GIF, then follow the steps given below.

 STEP-1 First of all you go to CHROME browser and click on this link or else open it in Chrome browser by COPY the link
 STEP-2 After opening it, at the top right side of GIF maker, you will see VIDEO TO GIF option, on which you have to click.
 STEP-3 There you will see the option of upload video, in that go to CHOOSE file and select the VIDEO which you want to make GIF.  But the size of that video should not be more than 100 MB.
 After CHOOSE STEP-4 VIDEO, now you can click on UPLOAD VIDEO given below.
 STEP-5 After this you will see the start time and end time, which you can select according to your video and otherwise leave it as it is.
 STEP-6 After this, click on the option of CONVERT TO GIF in the bottom.
 STEP-7 Now your video is READY in GIF format, which you can download by clicking on the SAVE option shown below on the RIGHT side.


 Friends, in today's article, all of you were told in detail about GIF and what is GIF, what is the full form of GIF and how to make GIF and I hope to know about converting video into GIF.  Hope you liked this post.
 If you liked this post, then share it and if there is any error, then please tell by commenting.

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