Hazards and types of industrial hazard and precautions against hazard

Hazards , Types of Hazards and Preventions from Hazards.

Hazards :-

              Hazards are a types of incident which are developed by mistake and unsafe working condition by this injury are developed to the worker and industry.

          Types of Hazards

Hazards mainly three types 
1. Physical hazard 
2. Chemical hazard 
3. Electrical hazard

Physical hazard :-

The cause of physical hazard are following
1. Abnormal temperature :- working condition are very help to the safe working but if temperature of the plant are very high or very low then workers don't comfortable to doing any work, diseases can be developed in human body by temperature difference then room temperature are best for safe working condition .

2. Noise :- very large noise developed in industry it very harmful for human ear and it irritated the worker nature. 8 hour working condition maximum noise developed 90 dBA.

3. Vibration :- vibration are also develop diseases in worker body .

4. Ultrasound :- sound of over 20,000 Hz are not heard by human ear and are called ultrasound.

5. Defective illumination :- defective lighting are also discomfort give to the worker and irritation are develop in worker mind which are very harmful for human body.

6. Defective colour scheme :- defective colour scheme are give discomfort to the working condition so proper colouring are developed.

7. Ionising radiation :- radiation are very harmful for human body .

8. Alpha particles :- this is used in industries to monitor the thickness of paper ,polythene film etc. These are high energy particles with very low pentration capacity.

9. Beta particles :- its produced from radioactive substance which are very harmful for human body.

10. Gamma rays & X-rays :- they are electro magnetic radiation of energies. They are used for metal inspection and welding checks .they have power to high Penetration and are very dangerous they cause burn and skin cancer.

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