Happy Fathers Day wishes and image picture

Happy Father's Day wishes and wallpaper for whatsapp and facebook 

Father is the first hero of every child, he give the apportunity to the success more than us and support to the our child.  And hard working for the child for success in life. Father are more important in every child life. 

Father's Day special quotes 

The child is father of the man. 

He that has his father for judge goes safe to the trial. 

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

A wise some maketh a glad father. 

The fundamental defect of fathers is that they want their children to be credit to them. 

Happy Father's Day best status 

Every success are required number of books. 
But one teacher more than hundred book. 
Father more than hundred teacher. 
So respect the father and follow him for success in life. 

Best Happy Father's Day wishes and image picture 2017

Father give the fighting spirit to the son for fighting in any situation and easily Handel the situation and fight up in life. 

Father's Day 2017 images picture and status

God is the father of every one. 
God made to everyone. 
God give the apportunity to everyone. 
God give food to every. 
But god don't care everyone so god made one father to the everyone. 
So respect the father and give follow to the father. 
@Happy Father's Day @

Happy Father's Day best images and wishes 2017

The best gift for father in this Father's Day from every child give our success credit to the father and respect him. 
@Happy Father's Day 2017@

Happy Father's Day best wishes 2017

If father hand with to the child hand then child doesn't fail in every work that he/she want to work so Father's hand are very important for the child. 

He who knows that he is the Supreme lord, becomes that, and the gods themselves cannot prevent him...., he who adores any divinity  ,has not the knowledge, he is an cattle for the gods.  Even as numerous cattle serve to nourish men, so each man serves to nourish the gods... That is why the gods love not that a man should know that. 
God is the father of everyone .

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