How to make Driving license here full detail and how to apply driving license.

Changes made to make a driving license, now it is necessary to do this work.

How to made driving license 

In order to prevent disturbance in the creation of a driving license, the government has taken the initiative to tighten the automobile rules. In the draft of the new rules proposed by the Ministry of Road Transport, the mandatory requirement for obtaining the 'certificate' of driving from a 'Motor Vehicle Training Center' has been included to make DL.

The Ministry has recently sought suggestions from all the parties on the draft of the Central Automotive Rule 2017. Two main measures have been taken to deal with the problem of the formation of DL in a fraudulent way in the proposed rules.

If the new rules apply, the person desiring to make DL should give full details of learning to drive a motor driving school. It will also include registration number of admission in driving school, date of registration, duration of training and completion certificate.

Under the proposed rules, even before the renewal of the old DL, the applicant will have to take two day training in a driving school. The government has drafted the strict rules for tightening the fires, considering the reasons for road accidents, Fergie DL holders.

Under this, the same person will be eligible to be a DL holder who has obtained the driving training certificate from the competent authority by filling in the form of automotive license form 5.

Those who do not have a training certificate, but they come to drive, those people also have to fill the form 5 and get the training certificate from the competent authority. Last year, 480652 road accidents in the country resulted in 150785 deaths, while 494624 people were seriously injured.

An official of the ministry said that suggestions have been sought from all the parties till October 20 on the proposed rules. According to the suggestions received by the Ministry, the draft has been fixed by implementing these schemes by the end of this year.

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