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14 February ((Valentine Day)) Story, Best Knowledge about Saint Valentine. 

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Why Valentine day celebrate in the form of love day ?

Why Valentine is the lovers day ?

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Best saint Valentine love story in detail
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Why Valentine Day is the love day?

Day of love, day of love expressing To express your emotions in words, every heart-throbbing heart of this day is eagerly waiting. Yes, we are talking about the days of love, valentine-day's .... This day full of love is considered a symbol of happiness and it is important for everyone to love.

This day celebrated on February 14 is celebrated in various countries differently and with different faith. In the Western countries, the sunshine of this day is only on its face, but in eastern countries it has its own style of celebration.
While this day in China, the 'Nights of Sevens' is special for the immersed hearts, while in Japan and Korea this festival is known as 'White Day'. Not only that, in these countries, people express their love for a full month from this day and express their feelings by giving gifts and flowers to each other.

To celebrate this festival in traditional Western countries on this festival, love letters are also called 'Valentine-Day', together with gifts of hearts, cupid, flowers etc., by giving them gifts as gifts. Emotions are also expressed. In the 19th century, the United States officially declared holiday on this day.

According to the estimation of the U.S. greeting card, about one billion valentines send cards each other to the world every year, which is considered to be the second largest card sales event after Christmas.
It is believed that Valentine-Day is originally named after Saint Valentine. But there are historically different opinions about Saint Valentine and there is no exact information. In 1969, the Catholic Church confirmed the total of eleven St. Valentine and announced the celebration of their honor on 14th February. Among these, Valentine's Valentine is considered the most important Valentine.

Saint Valentine Real Love story Full in detail - why celebrate Valentine Day on 14 February? 

Saint Valentine Real Love story
Saints Valentine 

In the book 'Oria of Jacobus de Vorazin' compiled in 1260, the description of Saint Valentine is found. According to this, the reign of Emperor Claudius was ruled by Rome in the third century. According to that, men's strength and intelligence are lesser than marriage. He issued an injunction that no army or officer would marry. Saint Valentine protested against this cruel order.
Many soldiers and officials got married on their call. Finally Claudius, on February 14, 269, ordered Sant Valentine to be hanged. Since then, Prem Das is celebrated in his memory.
It is said that St. Valentine made an eyeball to Jacob's visually impaired daughter Jacob at the time of her death and wrote a letter to Jacobus, in which he had written 'Your Valentine'. This day was on 14th February, which was later celebrated by the name of this saint and spread of the message of selfless love all over the world on Valentine's Day excuses.

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