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Metaverse technology know future of internet.

What is the 'Metaverse' being called 'the future of the Internet'?

What is Metaverse technology

New York :- Social media platform Facebook has changed its corporate name to 'Meta', making a major change in its branding.
 The company has said that the new name better describes the work it does.
 Along with this, the company is going to increase the scope of its work in areas like virtual reality other than social media.
 Facebook recently announced that it would recruit 10,000 people in Europe to develop the Metaverse.
 Metaverse is a concept, which many people are also calling 'the future of the Internet'.  But what is this really?

 What is the Metaverse after all?

 Outsiders may think that the Metaverse is an improved form of Virtual Reality (VR).  Although many consider it to be the future of the Internet.
 In fact, many people think that the Metaverse could be the same technology for VR as modern smartphones compared to the crappy '80s phones.
 In the metaverse, only a headset can be used instead of a computer to enter the 'virtual world' that connects all types of digital environments.
 Today VR is mostly used in gaming.
 But this virtual world can be used for practically any work.  For example- work, sports, concert, cinema or for a walk outside.
 Most people think that the metaverse would mean that we would have a 3D avatar representing ourselves.
 But the metaverse is just an idea as of now.  So there is no one agreed definition for it.

 Why has this suddenly become a big deal?

 Every few years there is a lot of hype about Digital World and Augmented Reality ie AR (Advanced Digital Technology to show the real world), but after some time it ends.
 However, there is a lot of enthusiasm about the metaverse among wealthy investors and big tech companies.
 And no one wants to be left behind thinking that it may become the future of the Internet.
 With substantial advances in VR gaming and connectivity, it is now felt like the technology has for the first time been where it was intended to be.
 Why is Facebook included in this?
 Facebook has made the Metaverse one of its top priorities.
 According to some experts, Facebook has invested heavily in the field of virtual reality through its 'Oculus Headsets'.  This has made it cheaper than its rival companies.  However, being cheap also has its disadvantages.
 Facebook is also building several virtual reality apps for social hangouts and workplaces.  It also includes apps that connect with the real world.
 Despite Facebook's history of buying out rivals, the company claims that "no single company can build the Metaverse overnight".  So he has also promised to work together.
 It recently invested $50 million to help nonprofit groups "build the metaverse with responsibility."  But Facebook believes that it will take 10 to 15 years for the metaverse idea to take shape.

 Who else is interested in the metaverse?

 Tim Sweeney, head of Fortnite game maker Epic Games, has long spoken about his expectations for the Metaverse.
 This company has shared the interactive world of decades ago through its game.  They are not metaverses, but they have some similarities in their views.
 Fortnite has expanded its products over the years.  It has organized concerts, brand events, etc. within its digital world.
 This impressed many people and Tim Sweeney's vision of the Metaverse came into the limelight.
 Other game companies are also coming closer to the idea of   the Metaverse.
 For example Roblox.  It is a platform for thousands of individual games from the larger ecosystem.
 Meanwhile, Unity, a 3D development platform, is investing in its 'digital twins' (digital copy of the real world).
 At the same time, graphics maker 'Nvidia' is developing its 'Omniverse'.
 According to the company, it is a platform connecting 3D 'virtual world'.
 So is the metaverse only related to the game?
 No. It's not like that.  There may be many ideas about the metaverse, but most believe that its idea is basically about connecting society and human beings.
 For example, Facebook is experimenting with its virtual reality meeting app called 'Workplace' and social space called 'Horizons'.
 Both of them use his virtual avatar.  Another app of Virtual Reality 'VRChat' is completely designed for online hangout and chatting.
 It has no other goal or purpose than to connect with the world around us and meet people.  There are many more apps to come.
 Tim Sweeney recently told the Washington Post, "He's envisioning a world where a car maker can promote their new model.  And as soon as the car is placed in this virtual world, you'll be able to test it by driving it around."
 At the same time, when you shop online, first you try the digital form of clothes.  And when it suits you only then you think of buying it.

 Has the technology of the metaverse arrived?

 In the past few years, virtual reality has come a long way.
 Now the best quality headsets have come in this technology.  With this our eyes can see the things of the virtual world in 3D.
 Now it has become quite popular.  The 'Oculus Quest 2 VR' gaming headset, which landed in the market at the time of Christmas of 2020, was very popular.
 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have provided a way to reliably track the owners of digital products.
 With its becoming increasingly popular, the way the virtual economy works can now be known.
 The growing digital world will require better, more frequent mobile connectivity.
 It is expected that after the arrival of 5G, this wish will also be fulfilled.
 Although the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages.
 But if the development of the metaverse is possible, then for the next decade or even beyond, there may be a great competition among tech companies.

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