Nostradamus prediction for 2022 in details.

 Nostradamus prediction for year 2022 ! Nostradamus prephacy for year 2022.

Nostradamus prediction for year 2022

Nostradamus prephacy for year 2022.

Prophecy is the word that fills anyone with curiosity.  Staying in today and guessing about tomorrow is no small thing.  Along with the mention of the word prophecy, the prophecy of Nostradamus of France is also mentioned.  Nostradamus had made different types of predictions regarding the world in one of his books centuries ago.  The name of his book is 'Les Profetis'.

 If we look at the statistics, about 70 percent of these predictions have come true.  For the year 2022 also Nostradamus had made some predictions which are shocking.

 The prediction of Nostradamus says that inflation will become so uncontrollable in the year 2022 that middle class people will not be able to meet their basic needs and there will be a tremendous fall in the US dollar.  People will invest in gold and silver only.

 Looking at the prediction of Nostradamus, it will happen in the year 2022 that a big asteroid will fall on the earth, due to which heavy and scary waves will rise in the sea.  These waves can cause great damage to people.

 According to the prediction of Nostradamus, a big destructive nuclear bomb will explode on the earth, which will cause a sudden change in the earth's climate.

 According to the prediction of Nostradamus, the year 2022 will bring destruction in this world first, after which there will be sudden peace.  For the first three days of this peace, darkness will prevail in the world.

 He said that many countries will fight with each other but a natural phenomenon will happen due to which the war will end abruptly.  Shadow darkness for three days will put an end to the latest technology.

 Consider what a dangerous prophecy of Nostradamus says.  Human race will be attacked through computer made by humans and other artificial machines.  This attack will be so deadly that even after coming together, all the countries will not be able to solve it.  Computers and robots will destroy the human race.

 According to the next prediction, there will be a very severe storm in France in the coming year, which will affect the whole world.  The crops and vegetation of different areas of the world will be destroyed to a great extent and hunger will spread among the people.

 Nostradamus said in his prediction that in the year 2022, near the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea, there could be a big explosion from the missile test, which will definitely have an effect on humans.

 Nostradamus was a prophet of France who was born on 14 December in the year 1503.  Not only did he tell the future, he was also a doctor who used to treat diseases like plague.  Many of the prophecies of Nostradamus have come true.  If we look at the figures, in the last 50 years, 800 of his predictions came true, which includes things like Indira Gandhi's re-accession to the throne, her death, Nalanda University attack.  Nostradamus Many prophecies came true and left a positive and negative impact.  Now what will happen in 2022 has to be seen.

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