Mother's Day 2022, History, story and celebration in details.

 Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.  This day is dedicated to mother's love and affection.  This year Mother's Day will be celebrated on 8th May.

    Mothers are different and play a variety of roles in the lives of their children.  You know that it is the mother who truly loves us.  Praying for our success.  With the blessings of mother, we can overcome the troubles and difficulties of life.

   Whatever the situation, mother knows how to handle it for us.  But have you ever wondered when this special day started and why it is celebrated, let's find out.

Mothers Day 2022: How Mother's Day started, know some interesting facts.

Mothers Day 2022

How did this day start

 A special day like Mother's Day was started by an American woman named Anna Jarvis.  He was very fond of his mother.  His mother was an inspiration to him.  After the death of her mother, Anna decided not to marry.
     After her mother passed away, Anna started Mother's Day to show her love for her mother.  Since then Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.  This day is called Mothering Sunday in Europe.

 Mothering Sunday celebrations,

 including Anglicans, are part of the liturgical calendar, which celebrates many Christian epistles and the Catholic calendar to honor Latre Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent, the Virgin Mary, and the "Mother Church".

 Traditionally, the day was marked by giving symbolic gifts and some traditional female tasks such as cooking and cleaning for other members as a gesture of appreciation.

 Why Mother's Day is celebrated on Sunday only

 Anna Jarvis may have laid the foundation for this day, but Mother's Day was formally started on 9 May 1914 by US President Woodrow Wilson by passing a law.
     In which it was written that Mother's Day will be celebrated on every second Sunday of the month of May.  Only after this Mother's Day started being celebrated in America, India and many countries on the second Sunday of May.  Mother's Day simply gives you a way to do something for your mother.

 History of Mother's Day in India

 In India, this day started long ago or rather it has not happened since ancient times.  But since a few decades ago this day is celebrated in a very special way.

 On this day people spend time with their mother in different ways.  Many people also give many gifts to the mother on this day.

How to celebrate Mother's day? 

  People usually tend to say thank you to their sweet mother, by making greeting cards or by buying beautiful gifts, some who are very good in preparing best dishes, usually tend to cook good food for their loving mothers. Some of them buy cakes and some others bake them and there are few people, who take their mother out for a movie or to a good restaurant in the city. However, due to Corona virus induced lockdown, it is not safe to take your mother out for a movie or to any best restaurant, you can prepare simple food at your place and ask her to relish it, she will definitely love it, if you do not know to cook, you can make beautiful greeting card with the items you have in your home. Give it to her personally or you can share the images of the card on social media as status or you can even send personal text on whatsapp if you are not able to visit her.

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