Automobile steering gear mechanism in detail and full working process in detail

Working of automobile steering gear mechanism

Why steering are used in automobile:-

Steering gear mechanism are in automobile for changing the direction and control the automobile during running time.
              The motion between the wheels of an automobile with road surface should be of pure rolling. It is essential to prevent wear of tyres. Rolling motion of the wheels.
      Without skidding is only possible if the paths of the point of contact of the wheels with the road surface are concentric circular arcs while the automobile is turning on road.

Working of automobile steering gear mechanism:-

     When the vehicle turns,the front wheels turn with their respective stub axle about their pivots with the front axle while the back wheels remains straight and they do not turn.

For pure rolling motion, the two front wheels must turn about the same instantaneous centre which lies on the axis of back wheels . the axis of inner wheels makes a larger angle  then the turn angle.
b= wheel base 
a=distance between the two wheels 
c=distance between the pivots of front axle 

Types of steering gear mechanism

There are two main types of steering gear mechanism

1. Davis steering gear mechanism

2. Akermann steering gear mechanismmechanism

Friction and types of friction are also read

Friction and types of friction

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