Lord Ganesha 8 incarnations (avatars) , Ganesha chaturthi special Story.

 Like all the gods, Lord Ganesha also took various incarnations to destroy the demonic forces.  The description of these incarnations of Shri Ganesha is found in the texts like Ganesh Purana, Mudgal Purana, Ganesh Ank etc. Know about the incarnations of Shri Ganesha.

Focus point in the post. 

1. Lord Ganesha chaturthi,

2. Lord Ganesha incarnations, 

3. Ganpati bappa morya avatars, 

4.vakratunda incarnations of Ganesha. 

5. Ekadanta avatars of Lord Ganesha, 

6. Lord Ganesha incarnations Mahodar,

7. Gajanan Incarnations, 

8.Lambodar Ganesha avatars, 

9. Vikata God Ganesha avatar,

10. Vighnaraj Ganpati incarnations, 

11. Dhumravarna avatar of Lord Ganesha. 

                        8 Incarnations (Avatars)  of Lord Ganesha full in details. 

                        Ganesha chaturthi

                        1. Vakratunda:- 

                                        Matsarasur was a devotee of Shiva and by worshiping Shiva got a boon that he would not be afraid of anyone.  Matsarasur started torturing the deities on the orders of Devguru Shukracharya.  He also had two sons Sundapriya and Vishyapriya, both of whom were also very tyrannical.  All the gods reached the shelter of Shiva.  Shiva assured them that they would invoke Ganesha, Ganapati would come with Vakratunda avatar.  The gods worshiped and Ganapati took the form of Vakratunda.  Lord Vakratunda killed both the sons of Matsarasur and also defeated Matsarasur.  The same Matsarasur later became a devotee of Ganapati.  

                        2. Ekadanta: - 

                                      Maharishi Chyawan created the item with his tapobal.  He was called the son of Chyavana.  Mad took initiation from Shukracharya, the guru of the demons.  Shukracharya made him proficient in all kinds of learning.  On being educated, he started opposing the gods.  All the gods started torturing him.  The item had become so powerful that it even defeated Lord Shiva.  All the gods together worshiped Ganapati.  Then Lord Ganesha appeared in Ekadanta form.  He had four arms, one tooth, a big belly and an elephant-like head.  In his hand was a loop, Parashu and a blooming lotus.  Ekadanta bestowed an abhaya boon to the gods and defeated Madasura in the battle.

                        3. Mahodar :- 

                                 When Kartikeya killed Tarakasur, the demon Guru Shukracharya raised the demon named Mohasur against the gods by giving rites.  The gods worshiped Ganesha to get rid of Mohasur.  Then Ganesha incarnated as Mahodar.  Mahodar's abdomen was very big.  When he reached the city of Mohasur riding on a mouse, Mohasur made Ganapati his favorite without fighting.  

                        4. Gajanan :- 

                                       Once Dhanraj Kuber reached Mount Kailash to see Lord Shiva-Parvati.  Seeing Parvati there, lustful greed arose in Kuber's mind.  Out of that greed, Lobhasura was born.  He went to Shukracharya's shelter and started worshiping Shiva on the orders of Shukracharya.  Shiva was pleased with Lobhasura.  He gave him the boon of being the most fearless.  After this Lobhasura captured all the worlds and Shiva himself had to give up Kailash for that too.  Then Devguru advised all the deities to worship Ganesha.  Ganesh appeared in the form of Gajanan and gave a boon to the gods that I would defeat Lobhasur.  Ganesha sent a message to Lobhasura for war.  On the advice of Shukracharya, Lobhasur accepted his defeat without fighting.

                        5. Lambodar :- 

                                           When Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini during the churning of the ocean, Shiva was fascinated by her work.  His Venus erupted, from which a black colored demon was born.  The name of this demon was Krodhasur.  Krodhasur worshiped the Sun and took the boon of conquering the universe from him.  Due to this boon of Krodhasur, all the gods got scared.  He went to war.  Then Ganapati took the form of lambodar and stopped him.  Explained to Krodhasura and made him realize that he can never be an invincible warrior in the world.  Krodhasura stopped his victorious campaign and left everything and went to Hades.  

                        6. Vikata :- 

                                    Lord Vishnu broke the chastity of his wife Vrinda for the destruction of Jalandhar.  A demon was born from him, his name was Kamasur.  Kamasur got the boon of Trilok victory by worshiping Shiva.  After this he started torturing the gods like other demons.  Then all the gods meditated on Lord Ganesha.  Then Lord Ganapati incarnated in a formidable form.  In a formidable form, the Lord incarnated by sitting on the peacock.  He defeated Kamasur by giving him a boon to the gods. 

                         7. Vighnaraj :- 

                                       Once Parvati laughed out loud during a conversation with her friends.  From his laughter a huge man was born.  Parvati named her Mama (Mamata).  After meeting Mother Parvati, he went to the forest for penance.  There he met Shambrasur.  Shambrasura taught him many demonic powers.  He asked Mum to worship Ganesha.  Mama pleased Ganapati and asked for the secret of the universe.
                        Shamber married him with his daughter Mohini.  When Shukracharya heard about his mother's penance, he was crowned as the demon king.  Mamasur also started atrocities and imprisoned all the gods and put them in jail.  Then the gods worshiped Ganesha.  Ganesha incarnated as Vighnaraj.  He killed Mamasur and got the gods freed.  

                        8. Dhumravarna :- 

                                         Once Lord Brahma appointed Suryadev as the lord of the kingdom of Karma.  Surya became proud as soon as he became the king.  He sneezed once and a demon was born out of that sneeze.  His name was Aham.  He went near Shukracharya and made him his guru.  He became egoistic from ego.  He established a kingdom of his own and got a boon by pleasing Lord Ganesha with austerity.  He also spread a lot of tyranny and incest.  Then Ganesha incarnated as Dhumravarna.  His character was like smoke.  They were formidable.  He had a fierce loop in his hand from which many flames came out.  Dhumravarna defeated Ahantasur.  Defeated him in battle and gave his devotion.

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